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  1. jdizzol

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    What Dungeons of Dredmor LP do you enjoy the most? I've been looking around but there are very few who go all the way to level 10-15, mostly die on the first few floors and don't go much into strategy. Any speedruns or walkthroughs?
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    I find that with most Let's Play's for the game, that I'm yelling at the screen because the guy will pick up a bow and not wield it because he's 'a fighter', will walk through 3 clearly visible traps in a row, even walk through a trap that they so deviously placed a turn earlier, never use any buffs that their skills give them, and not run away or heal or use any of the tools they have easily at hand, when they get into deep trouble. I guess it's easy to criticize but I know that it's hard to concentrate on the game and narrate at the same time.

    I have yet to see a Let's Play for the game that delved into more than the most shallow kinds of tactics. Really, Let's Plays are best to simply get a broad overview of the early game. But if you want real tactics, these forums have some really good threads related to that (the community skills thread is excellent, for example).
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    I've never found a good LP of Dredmor tbh. Most Decent LPs tend to be of other games.