Favorite artifact name?

Discussion in 'Stories & Fan Fiction' started by Tacroy, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    Out of all the artifacts you've seen, which ones have had your favorite names?

    I got the idea for posting this after seeing "Usee, the Waiting Breakfast Cereal" - a wooden sword whose sole enchantment is that it gives you one extra MP.
  2. Rikkard

    Rikkard Member

    Not an artifact, but there was the 90th division of the army, the Insignificant Pork.
  3. Lokloklok

    Lokloklok Member

    The Steel axe "The insignificant communism"
  4. Kagemaru

    Kagemaru Member

    Lkzukzuk, the Birth of Ostriches
    Woodsman axe studded with Fishy Obsidian

    Mutlioonus, the Queen of Kings
    Crude mace studded with Pitchblende

    Argchooie, the Queen of Warlocks.
    Ash ring studded with "Shoddy frozen sunlight"
  5. Marak

    Marak Member

    Anything with "the something Canadian" in it.

    Blame Canada!
  6. Helix Mantis

    Helix Mantis Member

    Kangasi or something, the king of communism. The most epic boss I've ever had the pleasure of kicking into a thaumite trap :D
  7. Desi

    Desi Member

    Argchooie, the Expulsion of Stomachs (or something similar).