Fallout New Vegas Mods Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by OmniaNigrum, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. OmniaNigrum

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    I am about to startup another run of Fallout New Vegas. This time with all the DLC preinstalled. (I had a hell of a time getting the so called "Ultimate" edition installed without Steam. (Technically it is impossible. No more details will be provided.)

    I am wondering what mods are good for a full run through? There are a million and one mods available to choose from. Anyone have some suggestions?
  2. Kazeto

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    It depends on whether you want challenge or diversity. Though personally I would recommend the one that adds sandstorms, and the one that stops food from healing you (I don't remember how they were called), since adding challenge after having finishing the game seems like a natural thing to do, and the sandstorms are fun.
  3. OmniaNigrum

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    Sandstorms sound cool. Hardcore mode is close enough to the latter one though. (It also makes Stimpacks HoT (Heal Over Time) instead of all at once and prevents them from mending broken limbs.)

    I am not really interested in too much of a challenge. I have several medical problems that make me much less capable to play "Twitchy" games that require very fast reflexes, so I really wish it still had the turn based gameplay Fallout 1 & 2 had. But that said, a cerebral challenge is not in any way unwelcomed. But is certainly hard to define. :)

    I suppose diversity is what I am seeking. Something that would renew the experience would be extremely welcomed. (Since I have already played the game start to finish including all but two of the DLC.)

    I do not care even one iota for visual effects mods. I know some love them, but I think the graphical details are fine how they are.

    New items could be useful if they are not game breaking. Crafting mods could also be nice. But what I am really seeking is advice on what mods are good and what are not.

    I do cheat in most games I play. But only to a limited extent. I spawn a hundred thousand lockpicks so I never have to pass on picking something, nor play the stupid game of trying for a second and aborting to try over so the pick never breaks.

    Having food HoT is good in my opinion. I think it may be a bit too much, but this is a fantasy/sci-fi game. I can always abstain from eating foods to heal. And having full health with all your limbs broken to shreds does not do you any favors too, so it is pretty balanced in a way.
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  4. Hybelkanin

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    I guess I'll just drop my FNV mod list in here that I enjoy playing with, and you can pick and choose from that :)

    Weapon Mod Expansion - Brings number of weapon mods for every weapon ingame up to three, also includes some new weapons unless I'm very mistaken)
    Project Nevada - Can be considered a total conversion mod because of all its features. Most notable are sprint, bullet time and grenade hotkeys, as well as an implant system that replaces the boosts you can buy at the medical center. Most focused on adding challenge and/or realism (higher fall damage, most foods/water doesn't heal etc) to FNV but can easily be configured to disable any particular features you don't like in it (I disable visor overlays for example)
    NPC Project Freeside, Aerotech, 188 Trading Post - Adds lot of npc's including some initially coded into FNV by Obsidian but cut before release.
    ProjectReality - Very nice weather and lighting mod
    Electrocity - Adds more light sources (very handy if you enable darker nights in the mod above)
    Darnified UI - replaces the butt ugly and cumbersome consolified user interface with something a bit more tolerable for PC users.
    Adjustable hud - lets you move UI objects as you please
    Immersive hud - hides/shows ui objects on preference/need
    unified hud project - to make the three mods above play nice together as well as with project nevada
    Mod Configuration Menu - for easy ingame configuration of a number of the other mods here such as Project Nevada
    Pipboy2500 - A pipboy replacement similar to the one in Fallout 1/2
    Beweare of the girl Type3 body - Replacement model for female models. Boobs! Very important!
    Weapon Mod Menu - genious, small mod that lets you install (and remove!) weapon mods easily from the pipboy as well as easily see which mods can be fitted on each weapon.
    Clean-deluxe FNV - Because my pc is crap, this mod improves my FPS considerably. Does remove some of the clutter objects though, so if you're on a mission to pick up every tin can in the game, might skip this one.
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  5. OmniaNigrum

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    I will head over to the Nexus to find and download each of those. I may as well give it a try. It sounds nice. Especially the improved weapon mod handling. That was always a sore spot. And the Darnified UI sounds like a dream come true! I hate console interfaces. They deny the benefits of having a PC! (Makes an ugly face at the entire Mass Effect series and it's ugly console port UI.)

    Thank you!
  6. OmniaNigrum

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    Hmmm. All out of nowhere my FPS took a nose dive. I think it is something to do with the storms. I will try disabling the mods effecting such one at a time and see if I can eliminate the issue. But altogether these mods rule. I also added "The5 Visors Mod" so I can actually see in the very very dark nights and through storms of most sorts.

    It has four visors that can be used individually for nice information that reminds me of AVP. There is thermal and electrical modes, as well as a night vision mode and a "Combat Assistance" mode that highlights enemies and color codes everything alive or dead so you can easily see where enemies are and if they know where you are. (I have no idea why they call it "The5 Visors Mod". It is only four of them, and no, that is not a typo. "The" and "5" are one word for some odd reason.

    Also, regarding the FPS nosedive, it happened while playing. Not while loading a new area, nor after a specific duration of play. Just out of the blue, and without cease. I feel like I am using a $50 GPU instead of a $300 GPU.
  7. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    It was Project Reality that made my FPS plummet. I just played four hours without any noticeable dip in FPS without it.

    Now if only there was another DLC with a few days worth of gameplay in it. Oh well. I will play through the few I have not yet played and probably uninstall it again for another year.

    DoD is still there for me however. With mods it is a new experience every time I reroll.

    Thank you very much Hybelkanin. You helped me find a decent set of mods that really adds to the experience. :)
  8. Kazeto

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    It's always the lighting that cuts your GPU to pieces. That, or textures.
  9. Hybelkanin

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    Oh yes, that's right there are some features on the weather mod that can be great gpu hogs, especially the experimental modes. I had to disable most of the fancier features on it myself with my budget gpu card. I think Project Reality comes with an item shown in your pipboy that can be used to change its settings.

    If you're looking for more content for the game, A World of Pain is a great mod that adds around 100 new locations of different kinds, new enemies, weapons and a couple quests as well. The only problem I've had with it is that the "M" weapons won't play nice with WME and the weapon mod menu. You may also be interested in New Vegas Bounties 1 and 2, both add fairly long bounty hunter action oriented quest lines to the game, even has voice acted NPCs.
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  10. OmniaNigrum

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    Thanks. I just left out Project Reality for the moment. It was a major FPS drop even indoors where there was no weather. (I actually think it was more of a sound issue since my sound is via a Corsair HS1 headset and that is USB, thus CPU powered.)

    I may enable it again and fiddle with it and see if I can get it working right again.

    I will certainly look at both World of Pain and New Vegas Bounties 1 &2. Sounds great.

    Thank you again!
  11. Hybelkanin

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    No problem man. I've spent an unhealthy amount of hours fiddling with all kinds of FNV mods to make one of my all time favourite games even more enjoyable, happy to help it it can enhance other's FNV experience as well. o/

    A world of pain is great if you love exploring sandbox mode, you can probably squeeze out a dozen extra hours on a playthrough with it if you want to see it all. Some areas are way harder than any of the vanilla game content though. :)
  12. OmniaNigrum

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    Good. I think most of Fallout 3 and New Vegas is far too easy. By the time enemies are a mild challenge, you will usually have uber gear to wipe the deck with them. (And Boone to snipe them to bits for you at no ammo cost.)

    I doubt there is any real standard benefits to a scumbag playthrough. It is hard to make a good gameplay experience with an evil player. I have played each of the Fallout games as good characters and see the benefits immediately. All the *Bad* choices only ever lead to ammo and equipment for the most part. And with few exceptions all of that can be gained in other ways while being a good guy/girl.

    I would like to see occasional *Real* Super Mutants. Not these whiny dumb SMs. But gargantuan monstrosities that require massive damage to even scratch. They should be very very rare, but amazingly tough. Something just shy of fighting against Liberty Prime would be about right. It should be slow and predictable, but if you do not run for your life, it should kill you very fast.

    I still have a few days worth of unplayed DLC to go through. After that I will try those two you mentioned and report back.

    Thank you a lot. I really mean that. I was unwilling to dig through ten thousand mods that are half focused on ascetics and cleavage to find the few good ones that actually improve the game world without having to appeal to my sexuality to get me to try them. (If I wanted porn I would get porn. I game for very different reasons. Not that I have anything against "Beware of the girl Type3".)

    There are thousands of retextures for every item in the game. But the basic textures seem unbroken to me. I see as much appeal in changing them out for shinier textures as I see to changing the voice acting over to something else. (None at all.)