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    Here's a picture of me tending the lush farmland of the New Antipodia. You can see me overseeing a couple of workers - the Work Crew is currently awaiting some new arrivals. If you look in the upper right, you can even see my own Clockwork Knight in storage.

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    Not counting one or two I left where I found them, I'm up to around 6 (granted a couple of them are missing some armor pieces). I mean really, you can only use one at a time anyway.
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    That addressed most of my complaints about the game in a humorous article. Bravo.
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    BTW, I found out something that I didn't realize the game was capable of. I was playing through one of the BOS quests, and I was on a Vertibird, which dropped me off. I soon realized that I Was totally outclassed, and died a miserable death fairly quickly.

    So... I restored from a saved game, got some power armor. and restarted the quest. This time, I never even got to the location -- the Vertibird was shot down, and I nearly died... thanks to the power armor, I didn't. And here I was thinking that the whole landing piece was scripted.

    BTW, I've also caught stray bullets from people shooting at us on the ground, while riding in the Vertibird.
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    The tip about the concrete foundation is one I was totally unaware of.
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    Hey, there is some of fun and useful stuff here, thanks!

    (Frankly, I expected just another "Fallout or Witcher?" or "Selected bugs compilation" thread :) )
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