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  1. Don't worry I'll make sure my next mod is something like Fetid Necromancer :p

    (Actually I'm more likely to add more monsters and items associated with this mod 'cause I have a bunch of monsters that were cut when I decided not to have a summon spell but shhhhh :p)
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  2. Okay I uploaded a new patch (see the first post; I left the old one up in case I broke things accidentally); most notably adding a couple new flowers and some related food items. Also you can now have larger stacks of aspect buffs (this may lead to the individual buff's effects being nerfed, since +6 sagacity and +3 magic power is kind of notably less than +12 sagacity and +6 magic power, for example)

    Also I'm planning on redoing changing seasons slightly, 'cause with testing I don't like how it handles. This is part of why there are more flowers; I haven't actually implemented any changes to it yet (Except to make Summer mines actually set things on fire.)

    So that's both 1.1 and my goal for 1.2. (ETA: I'll probably try to redo some of the crappier art and/or art that is simply hue-shifted versions of core art for the next release too, as I'm getting a bit more confident in my abilities there)

    Curious if anyone has played it at all yet and has any feedback, as well.
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    I tried it last night/this morning. I played a insanely overpowered character that could handle everything but Wildfire Vials from Faxpax.

    I encountered no problems at all. I do however have a petty little issue to bring up. Could there be a way to disable the flower proc? When you are rampaging and killing everything, sometimes you cannot see what the monsters drop due to every other corpse being under a flower.

    Understand that I like the flower part. But when you have a inconsequentia quest to "Kill X and bring Y to Z" you will sometimes find them in a zoo and then it means picking up dozens of flowers after the slaughter to find the item.

    I freely admit that I cheated my ass off, and cannot even begin to tell you how the leveling is for the skill since I was max level before I moved a tile. I then cheated more. This is something I do to test mods. I like playing the game fairly, but when pressed for time, I cut the corners and test the maxed level of everything.

    I am going to have to read through the XML of this and Roguish Renovations. One of those has some new items that I am pretty sure are blatantly overpowered. But that is for later. For now, thank you for making this, and if anyone reading this thinks this sounds lame, it is not. It is awesome.

    It may be advantageous to make a post describing the skills and link it to the first post so people on the fence can decide easier.

    But really, I cannot give you enough "Likes" Emily. :D My own little Emily is dead due to Fax. (Well, more due to me not reading what Wildfire scales to. But I have a habit of blaming Fax for the weather too. :D :D :D)
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    Never played Fungal Arts?
    Btw, testing an undead fairy princess today.

    :Edit: I cannot. Vampires don't eat. Damn.
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    Make Booze from them. Vamps *CAN* drink. Problem solved. Get a Porta-Still and make sure to take Alchemy.

    And yes, I have used every skillset in the game many times. If there were twice as many types, and half of them were much more potent, I would do it more often. But at current, the only fungi I want are the healing Fairwywagers and the Azure whateverthehells.
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    Booze from what? Are there custom recipes for the flowers?
    Also, in my real run with Fungal Arts, I've found that the invisible ones are a fantastic life saver button, and all the buff ones are pretty useful when you know the danger and you can power up yourself (like when discovering a zoo, or before opening a chest of evil). Pretty much the skill that directly helped me more in the battle against Mr. D.
    But this isn't what I was talking about. With the last FA skill you spawn lots (lots) of fungi all the floor, you like them or not. Always pick the flowers, more bonus and more helpful items are always good.
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    Yes. There are recipes to make two of any flower type into a bottle of booze. The booze works like the flowers do, but it also has a good kick of booze too. Some have such things as the clever wording about how much flower and how much booze they consist of. I will leave it to you to discover. :D
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    I've just saw the recipes for the drinking flowers... And yeah, I cannot take the path of alchemy just because I'd liked my princess to be a vampiress.
    Maybe in the future, but for now I think it's better to test it with something that doesn't forces you to not do something.
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  9. The only new items this mod adds are food and drinks so unless you're seeing those as broken (which to be fair, if Green Sunshine is too powerful I won't be entirely shocked :p) broken items are probably not my mod. (I do want to add some Princess-y items, like eg dresses and tiaras, but those require art and I'm actually pretty terrible at that still :p)

    As far as having too many flowers on the map, it might be good to turn on auto-loot for food? Though that can have its own issues I suppose.

    I probably COULD make a way to turn it off (just make a removeable enchantment that blocks the flowering spawns that you get as a spell with the flower magic level.)

    It might help more to just pick up them all and grind up the stuff (both flowers and regular food) you don't want to lutefisk, though. (I assume you've also found the floral baking recipes on the Ingot Grinder and Ingot press.)

    As far as vampirism, I'll admit I didn't quite think about that when making it (I rarely can make melee builds work >.<), but it works out okayish, because there is booze. I'll probably think about adding a few new varieties of flower booze (compare to like, the Baking Flower which gives a random first tier flower buff, sort of thing) so you don't need to have as high of alchemy to get all your flower abilities. Thooough I probably won't remove the alchemy dependance entirely.
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    The problem is mostly that late in the game I have all but a few inventory spaces filled with stuff. Even with my massive Wizardlands Storage deck, I usually try to keep a few spaces free. But there are what? Six Eight flowers? An equal number of Booze, and about as many baking items too. It is just a bit cumbersome at times. Understand, most of the time I *Want* those items to spawn. But not when I am looking for a drop from a quest.

    Probably the easiest way to fix this is to have a simply level zero alchemy/booze/baking recipe that gives an item that adds a buff when consumed, that disables the drops for a long time, and can be deactivated at any time.

    That way you need not do the tricks and complex stuff required to get two skills at one level in this skilltree. (That and it sidesteps the possible issue of the skill being disabled when you polymorph or are silenced.)

    Strange that I like *This* mod of all things. But I do. It is well written and you clearly have a great understanding of XML and DoD. :D

    *Edit* And autopickup sometimes has it's own problems. Last time I used it, it was bugged in a nasty way that resulted in deaths I should have been able to avoid. But I still like the idea. I would just like it more with an autosquelch like Chengband and other Roguelikes that you can set to not just pickup, but also destroy items when they are useless.

    In this game it would be something to enable per item on a list and it would not work without a Horadic Lutefisk Cube. I may have to make a thread about this in the suggestions forums if I remember it.
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    Just a heads-up tentacled-godqueen. I am going to delete some of my earlier posts since you quickly fixed the first issue and I finally figured the next was Vaults of Maslech. The posts I will delete have each been edited for now. I do not want to make you look like a crazy person responding to your own posts, so you may want to edit or delete a few of the early posts. I will also delete this post too once I delete the others.

    I love the mod, but no need to flood newbies with information that is useless since it is fixed and/or a known issue. I could delete my posts referring to the VoM conflict if you add a line to the original post so newbies know about it. Your call. :)

    *Edit* Deleted a bunch of posts. But it does make you look crazy... I cannot undelete them though. So edits are the way to go.

    I still love the mod. Keep up the good work!
  12. Alright I'll add in a potion to block the flower magic, it shouldn't be too complicated.

    And yeah, auto-squelch would be pretty handy :p

    I can edit some posts to reflect that there've been posts deleted, yeah.
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    VoM did not conflict for you? I will do more testing when I recover from my current drunken stupor.
  14. I thought I mentioned that oops >.<

    Yeah it ran fine (albeit only for a very brief testing period). I'm not exactly sure what the conflict is unfortunately >.< Let me know if you have further issues or if they inexplicably resolve themselves >.<
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    VoM, for me, simply doesn't works fine. It keeps crashing upon entering floor 6, so I've deactivated it.
    OmniNegro, did you went in a post-like frenzy mode, btw?
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  16. Alright I'm PRETTY sure this is mostly free of bugs. Once again keeping both the old versions up because I'm not entirely certain.

    Anyway, version 1.2 takes the most complicated spell in the skill tree... and makes it even more complicated >.< Though simpler to comprehend it's function, and hopefully, to use, to be honest.

    Basically a summary of changing seasons:
    • You place mines. When monsters step on these mines, it can cycle the season (which takes the form of a buff) Spring is mostly the weakest, and winter the strongest in terms of damge output, so it's power builds as you use it. (This is how it's always worked).
    • Four flower aspects (Hope, Love, Terror, and Grief) are tied to a specific season, and will cause your seasons to cycle faster to that season, and will give you a slightly stronger season buff, which also lasts twice as long. Once you are in the appropriate season, having a flower buff matching the season will stop seasons from cycling entirely. (So if you keep Aspect of Grief up, it will cycle quickly to winter, then stop.) (The connection and the Auspicious Mantles were there before, but the changing the rate things cycled wasn't, which made this link sort of useless in most cases.)
    • Four flowers produce advanced runes, which produce an additional effect on top of the damage (Formerly, each season had one advanced rune, which could be produced by a flower matching the season. The rest of the flowers did nothing though, which, frankly wasn't a great idea.)
    • Also they don't do AOE damage unless you use either the Death or Joy advanced rune. Honestly in practice AOE mines were less useful then they sounded, unless you're trying to get a "Killed by the Player" award, so I dropped that in most of the cases. Also the AOE damage fields do damage the player, but the AOE blasts no longer do. (Stepping on your own runes WILL hurt you though, since you can use that to cycle your seasons manually)
    • Since the damage/area of effect was reduced, the cost has been correspondingly reduced. I'm a BIT worried now the spell is a bit on the weak side for a level five spell, though. We'll see how this plays out in testing.
    Yeah this spell is now mind bogglingly complex (110 spells in the xml, about 26 pages worth of code >.>*), and I think I probably need to add a bit more complexity to improve the elegance in a few places, but um... I think it'll play more cleanly now.

    (*A lot of that ties into the fact that there's no elegant way to do a switch control structure without taking like, ten spells, to be fair. But still!)

    Also in this patch, the potion OmniNegro asked for. It should be as simple as drinking it and flowers will stop spawning, and it can be removed at any time (and since it's not particularly a buff and more an anti-clutter feature, there's not a time limit or anything.)
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    I frenzy like a forum-shark smelling/tasting blood in the water.

    And I do so regularly. I joined on February 24th, and have over 2400 posts here. Let's say I just do not know when to shut my pie hole. :D
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    Surely the download counter on the forum is not working right. People should try this mod. It really is good.
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    I can't believe how much fun I'm having killing stuff with sparkles, eating flowers to become an avatar of Joy/Love/whatevergoodthings and becoming a friend of those little cool diggles.
    I feel fun.
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  20. I probably need to stick it on Steam at some point :p

    People are more likely to look there :p
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