evil twins in wizardlands kill me every time...

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  1. youtoo

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    I think they are called evil twins. they are in low level wizardlands. pull a lever and 2 come out with 166 hp each. once i criticaled one and killed it. i can never get away. im done as soon as they come. any way to tell which levers will get them to spawn?
  2. Wootah

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    I don't pull levers in wizardlands unless I have a mad teleport and/or invisibility items.
    Even then I figure it isn't worth it. I swear they said somewhere that there was originally planned more options than just the evil twins but it wasn't implemented.
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  3. Gorbax

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    There are only 2 different kinds of levers in the Wizardlands.

    If you come across a lever and there is literally no place on the map you haven't gone to without discovering the exit portal, you can safely pull it. It will teleport you to the second part of the level.

    If the lever is just sitting there seemingly randomly, and you can continue past it, it is a lever that will spawn two Evil Clones, and shouldn't be pulled unless you're up for the challenge.

    I could probably take care of a few screenshots if I didn't explain very well.
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  4. Bohandas

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    Isn't there also one that spawns a random monster on a Frankenstein operating table?
  5. Haldurson

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    That one I don't recall, but I do know that I've encountered some very odd rooms in the wizardlands that I never encountered a second time. I'm nearly certain that there's not just 2 kinds of levers .
  6. Bohandas

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    At least four, because noethat I think of it There's definitely also the magic particle accelerator and the lady or tiger room
  7. Gorbax

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    Oh, yeah, completely forgot about those
  8. Kaidelong

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    Pull levers in wizardlands all you want, just not in the lozenge shaped room where it summons clones. Seriously, the room with the evil clone lever is easy to identify.