Essential DoD Core Skill Rebalance v.0.1.2

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Essence, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Lohen

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    Yeah, sorry, my selective deletion of off topic posts made yours look weird by mistake. Fixed the problem, all the off topic posts are gone now.
  2. This looks like a massive array of buffs. Any particular reason you're not nerfing much? Without more nerfs, it seems like you'd be making the game easier by accident.

    Though I do really like the mushroom farmer thing, it removes the temptation to spend several days mashing space and humping a corpse.
  3. Kazeto

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    I think that it's easier to take the highest tier and make all weaker skill trees similarly useful than it is to nerf every stronger skill tree while retaining balance.
    And (after critical gets changed into something that makes sense) it's not that difficult to simply ramp up the strength of monsters a little.
  4. Lohen

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    The original goal of my mod (and I'm assuming Essence's mod) is to enable more viable builds . What is the point of 30+ skills when only a few combinations of them are viable? I don't think both of our mods are necessary if they have this same goal, especially since a lot of his changes are ones I was going to make.

    Though, if anything would be nerfed, I would suggest the 2nd skill in Ley Walker to be nerfed from:

    2 mana / turn for 12 turns every 30 turns (current form, gives essentially infinite mana, and negates the need to go further down into Lay Walker, gives 24 mana every 30 turns)


    3 mana / turn for 5 turns every 50 turns (emergency "oh shit" button, slightly more over 5 turns, but gives much less overall at 15 mana every 50 turns)

    Yup that is what I'd do.
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  5. Dynamod

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    Well, I can see that, but consider this for a moment... None of the skills, or abilities from the unarmed combat skill tree are powered by Magic Power.

    hmm... I wanna make a case for convincing you that +2 physical power would be more sensible, but so much effort over a single stat point seems like misplaced effort... if you can't tell, I've been at this post for about 30 minutes now.

    Also, I can double what was said before... it looks like Blinding Flash is Proccing twice from radiant aura, which makes radiant aura quite powerful, and migitates some of the usefulness of Blinding flash (why pay for a single use, when you can get a buff that lets you get potentially multiple uses, right?)

    if it's possible, make a verson of the blinding flash effect that stuns much more often, and make that the new effect for blinding flash... that way radiant aura works like it did before (which was just fine) and blinding flash allows you to stun enemies more reliably, which is what it's purpose is about.

    Well, its up to you in the end, what you want to do with it, your mod and all. by the way, I like how the crossbow and throwing skills take different approaches to ammunitions in the early game... very cool.
  6. Pokenoob

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    I like the double Binding Flash a lot! It makes the skill worth having! Can you maybe remove the 3rd "Binding Flash" level though? It just feels like a waste, maybe even remove the 2nd skill too. that ones kind weak and make the tree longer. Otherwise great work! I look forward to future updates!

    Just kinda building off what Dynamod said.
  7. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Not sure what you're referring to. Blinding Flash only has two 'levels' -- Radiant Aura, and Blinding Flash. Is there a third skill that grants another form of Blinding Flash that I missed?

    I'll fix up Radiant Aura so it's not proccing the double Blinding Flash, yes.

    Also, I like your suggestion for Ley Walker, Lohen, I'll do that.

    Also, as regards nerfs, I think Kazeto and Lohen said it alredy.

    Expect a new update tomorrow or the day after, I'm really busy working these days. :)
  8. Dynamod

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    I think pokenoob was referring to the third skill in the Astrology tree.
  9. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Ah -- that's the only level that's supposed to go off twice when cast. The proc from Radiant Aura hitting twice is an accident.
  10. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    OK, Radiant Aura now only procs Blinding Flash once, and Thaumaturgic Tap now gives 30 MP over 5 turns once every 50 turns.
  11. Lohen

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    Adding a few turns to the cooldown isn't much of a nerf if it is going to give even more mana than it used to, faster. Part of what I was going to change is lowering the max mana it gave to 15 from 24 so it wasn't an all-you-can-cast buffet. Seriously, it already gave so much mana I didn't need alchemy / blood magic / natural regen / booze. I don't see that changing after your alteration.
  12. Dynamod

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    I dunno, 20 extra turns of cooldown is a long time in a firefight, especially in a zoo. and 6 more MP isn't much more mana. I think it works. people are still going to abuse it for free mana either way, as long as they aren't in combat and can wait out the cooldown. it's just slightly more annoying now.

    its more easy to get careless with the cooldown now and have to rely on something else, though, so I think it works.
  13. Pokenoob

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    I probably wont use astrology anymore... :/
  14. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Sorry! I misread my own documentation when I wrote the changelog/announcement post.

    Leyline Tap (notThaumaturgic tap) actually gives 6 mana per turn for three turns, with a 50-turn cooldown. Total of 18 mana. That said, I've had to upload a new iteration anyway because I forgot to change the duration of the buff that Leyline Tap creates (that makes it look like the dot that gives Mana is actually a buff), so it was hanging out 9 turns longer than the actual mana-dot was. :)

    Also, Pokenoob, Astrology wasn't ever that unbalanced as a skill. If you don't like it's style, that's on you (I almost never play Berserker Rage), but don't give me the puppy eyes because I corrected a mistake I made. :p
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  15. Wi§p

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    Just wondering if the first level of Fungal Arts is an activated ability, and although I am not considering using mods atm, I had an idea that it could be more useful if it simply had a chance to turn any enemy into a fungi on death. That way you wouldn't have to hit every corpse or if it has a cooldown, you wouldn't potentially lose fungi compared to the normal version of Fungal Arts.
  16. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    It is activated, precisely because I didn't want it to be an on-kill thing. With a 16-turn cooldown, you shouldn't lose that many opportunities to make mushrooms, but it's not entirely on automagic, either (which was my goal).
  17. Wi§p

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    Okay cool, its nice that you have already considered the alternatives ^^ I do have to wonder if it would be reasonable to add a fungal chance effect to (skill level four) Battle Mycology's damage effect (perhaps with the summon's spore effects as well). I just think it would be really cool to kill everything as a Fungal Master, and see some mushroom patches popping up after really big battles (like zoos). It could fit really nice thematically, and hopefully wouldn't happen enough to be overpowered.
  18. Sniktch

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    Personally, I think most would prefer it to be on-kill - Killer Vegan and Big Game Hunter do it, so it's possible. It's also a reduction of tedium and "grind"ness to make it a simpler, smoother setup, which is always a good thing.
  19. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    On the other hand, I want there to be a potential dilemma about which ability to use on a corpse if you happen to have Vampirism, Fungal Arts, and/or Fleshsmithing at once. :)
  20. Dynamod

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    Downloading now :D thanks!