Essential DoD Core Skill Rebalance v.0.1.2

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  1. Arron Syaoran

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    Ima try it. I kinda know how to hack the xmls(i know how to add/remove my own remarks, items, recipes), and I've gotten most of my icons from the vanilla game in the "dredmor" package.
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    are you going to do anything with daggers?

    the tree has always felt a little light on the damage and secondary stats added. the original weapon skills add an average of eight damage along with passive procs and a few active skills.
  3. Kazeto

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    It is possible, but only after he returns from his trip, which lasts for the duration of the whole August. And even then I'd say a few days later, as it is possible that he'll be busy with his real life after returning home.
  4. Arron Syaoran

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    Smithing: 3rd level adds 1 point Conflagratory Resist.
    4th level adds 1 point of Crushing damage and 1 point of Trap Level.
    5th level adds 1 point of Crushing damage and 2 points of Conflagratory Resist
    This is the reason why High level smithing is meant only for Mace/Staff Wielders. The Slashing Damage from Axes/Swords would cut melee power in half if you had level 4+ smithing and Swords or Axes as a skill.

    Edit: If the crushing damage was changed to Piercing or anything other than Blasting/Crushing/Slashing, then melee power wouldn't be hurt too badly on other smithable weapons.
    Reddit: This would nerf High level Smithing Swords/Axes, like the Hexxaxe, the Sword of Necropoking, and my own Droid Sword from my Android Rogue Mod.
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  5. OmniaNigrum

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    :dmg_crushing: makes sense for :smithing:. And by the mid game those two points of damage are not even worth thinking about.

    As for changing it to :dmg_piercing:... Well that makes no sense with the theme to me. How many times does a hammer penetrate an anvil? The point is that those two points were added to match the theme rather than to fit a character build.

    If it really bothers you, you can give an invisible permabuff to users of your mod that checks for the :smithing: levels and removes the :dmg_crushing: while buffing :dmg_piercing: or :dmg_slashing:.
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  6. Arron Syaoran

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    It's not about the damage, it's about the effect it has on melee power. If you have both slashing and crushing, then your melee power damage will be split between the two, which would make enemy AA absorb more damage. You do about 60% of the damage you would normally do just because alot of your melee power is being wasted on enemy Armour Absorption.
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  7. OmniaNigrum

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    I think I see where you are coming from. I keep forgetting that even if you have +1 :dmg_crushing: and use a buff to remove the +1 you would still have +0 :dmg_crushing: that would effectively double :armor_asorb:. So the only thing I can say is to remove/replace the :dmg_crushing: from skillDB.xml when you play a build using any other base damage type.
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  8. Essence

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    Huh...never would have thought of that. Unfortunately, I think it's probably too late to change, but I see the point there.
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