Essential DoD Core Skill Rebalance v.0.1.2

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Essence, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. OmniaNigrum

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    Posterity?!?! No. You have it wrong. It is recorded forever so it can be used against you at any time in the future. I can see each of us being asked in court if we ever said anything disparaging about Lutefisk and having to really think before answering "I do not recall ever having said any such thing." and then getting whipped for an hour of recorded posts about how the Lutefisk should be rebalanced where you may have insinuated that you agree...

    (The above posts were made against the advice of my Evil Feline Attorney.)
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    Personally I think Pangalactic Gargle Blaster was a massive mistake. That's just me.

    Don't forget that Astrology gives :resist_aethereal: which is both hard to get and used by some of the nastier monsters in the games (most cube-type oozes and the leprechaun things.) Even so, it is probably the weakest magic skill in the game, and perhaps one of the weakest skills period, although again, that's because one of its best abilities is available to anyone for, at most, 417 Z so long as you can find the mana to keep it up. If Syzergy is getting cut, the skill should probably give you something new, to keep it the same length as the other 'core' magic skills. Maybe something related to seeing the future? That's what I've always associated astrology with...
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    I am really excited to see what Essence will think of to fill the skill slot, I believe it is going be epic enough to make me install my first mod for DoD, since Astrology is one of my favorite skills trees!
  4. Essence

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    Hmm...wasn't planning on it...this is after all a skills rebalance, not a real mod.

    Maybe...I'll think on it. :)
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  5. EnjoiANinja

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    Okay, I couldn't find any post about where these files are for Steam users, so here it is.

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor\game\SkillDB
    SpellDB is in same spot, might want to edit OP and put that in there
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  6. DraigoDragon

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    I put those files in the game directory but it makes my game crash on start-up ant help?
  7. Werediggler

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    Did you rename the originals?
  8. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Did you properly rename the old files? What version of th game are you using? On what OS? At what point does it crash (i.e. when picking skills, after you choose your name, etc.)
  9. banjo2E

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    Quick question, not sure if it's been asked elsewhere in the thread; I didn't feel like wading through 11 pages to find out.

    In the staff mastery tree, are the +1 magic/melee power this mod adds supposed to not display in the tooltip? Because at the moment I'm not sure if they're working properly, or if some other mod's conflicting with them somehow. I've checked the number of ranks in the skill, and that's correct, so I assume this mod's working properly, but I'd appreciate the clarification.
  10. OmniaNigrum

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    Any plans to update this for 1.0.10? I liked it a lot in the 1.09 series. I am not too sure this would work out beneficially for 1.0.10 though.
  11. Essence

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    There are plans, but dbaumgart has given me good reason to wait until May to commence my magnum opus. :)
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  12. snow1wolf

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    found a bug with blinding flash. If you cast it while your partly occluded by a wall (IE bottom half of charecter) you can tunnel through walls that are next to you on the right or left.
  13. Kaidelong

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    It's not just you. Maybe Ess should think about replacing it with a timed version rather than an upkeep version for his rebalance?
  14. snow1wolf

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    hmm seems to be capable of happening with procs from radiant aura as well
  15. OmniaNigrum

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    You know, I really doubt any of these things are bugs at all. Breakable walls are capable of being broken by any AoE spell/skill. Both those count.
  16. KILL IT WITH FIRE. The temptation to make a pure warrior archetype and abuse the hell out of it is TOO STRONG FOR ME TO RESIST MUCH LONGER.
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    Lol. Relax. You can remove it yourself if you want. Or comment out that effect. If you want details on exactly how to do this I would be happy to explain. But remember this requires modifying a base game file, thus it cannot be done through a mod and will not persist through the next patch. (You would have to fix it again if the change or another change that fixes it to your satisfaction is not introduced in the next patch.)
  18. ^I did do that a while back, come to think of it. Also tweaked a few things I didn't like as well, I was never sure that my tweaks were "fair", especially when I was pushing a stat upwards. The reason why I like Ess's rebalance kit is because it was open to community feedback. I think that PGGB is stupidly overpowered, but until someone raised the issue, it was just my opinion. If a lot of people that have played games like this a lot can agree on that, then it's an outright balance issue that needs to be fixed, instead of just a personal pet hate.
  19. zorackprime

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    the bolt council buff is pretty cool i like the more easily accessible ammo
  20. Mr_Strange

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    Ooh - how about a brittle (1-hit) buff, which fully heals you and teleports you to the staircase you came down on if you take lethal damage?

    That would be awesome - a "resurrect" spell that only works if you can anticipate exactly when you will be killed.
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