Essential DoD Core Skill Rebalance v.0.1.2

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    Files removed 'cause 95% of the changes were adopted into the core game's XML. This is no longer necessary or useful to anyone. :)

    How to Use: Go to your Dredmor directory (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor\game\SkillDB for you Steam users), and rename SpellDB.xml and SkillDB.xml to SxxxDB.OLD. Then, copy the files attached below into your Dredmor directoy. Should you find them distasteful or game-crashing, delete them and correct the filenames of your original files.

    Version 0.1.2 uploaded!

    Blood Magic: Increased the Mana Regen granted by Stolen Soul from 1 to 2.
    Ley Line Walker: Added an effect to the first level that has a 34% chance to regain 1 mana whenever a spell is cast.
    0.0.3: Second level now gives 6 SP/turn for 3 turns once every 50 turns. .
    Vampirism: Basic drain damage is now Necromantic, and doubled in both amount and amountF.
    Psychic Vampire now has a 100% chance to restore at least 1 mana. Confusion remains at 50%, and bonus mana remains at 25%.
    Psionics: Doubled the damage and damageF of Narcosomatic Induction.
    Astrology: Solar Inscription's damage and Paralyze effects restored (they were commented off for some reason)
    Blinding Flash, when cast directly rather than activated through Radiant Aura, hits twice. Fixed a targeting error with Radiant Aura.
    Fleshsmithing: Zombyfication now animates and charms a corpse for 100 turns, then kills it deader than it was before.
    Wand Adept: level 2 adds 2 points of Magic Resist.
    level 3 adds 2 point of Magic Resist.
    level 4 adds 3 points of Magic Resist.
    level 5 adds 3 points of Magic Resist.
    Alchemy: 1st level adds 1 point of Acidic resistance.
    2nd level adds 1 point of Putrefying resistance.
    3rd level adds 1 point of Acidic resistance.
    4th level adds 1 point of Conflagratory resistance.
    5th level adds 2 points of Acidic resistance.
    Magic Training: added +1 Savvy to levels 1-4 and +5 Magic Resist to Level 5.

    Perception: All bonuses to EDR and Dodge increased to 5.
    Second Sight now adds 10 more Dodge than it did previously.
    Third Sight no longer exists; bonuses spread to other levels.
    Superhuman Perception and Highly Aware now grant a small chance of finding loot upon killing creatures.
    Also added advanced loot-finding skills to levels 3, 4, and 5.
    Archaeology: Charlemagne's damage now scales (quite well) with Magic Power.
    Dodge: First level now gives +2 Nim and +5 Dodge.
    Transdimensional Dodge now gives a slim chance to get Dire Empowerment from your exposure to the other dimension.
    Final level now gives +2 Num and +9 Dodge for an even 20 Dodge from this skill.
    Assassination: Second level now gives Sneak Attack, a teleport-hit for massive damage-randomly blink away power.
    Blackjack has a DamageF of .4, and it's sleep effect is unresistable.

    Venomous Infusion lasts for 6 attacks and has a downtime of 24.
    Mushrooming: Mushroom Farmer now turns a corpse directly into a mushroom. No more wanking around with Spores!
    Thrown: Monster Toss now invokes multiple Knocks, throwing a monster a very significant distance (up to 9 squares!) away.
    o.o.2: Added spell "Hey, a Rock!" to 1st level.
    0.1: "Hey, a Rock!"'s downtime increased from 1 to 4.
    Monster Toss is now attack="1", so it deals damage equal to a normal attack.
    Levels 1 and 3 now add +1 Blasting damage and level 5 adds +3 Blasting damage; level 2 adds +1 Crushing damage. All damage buffs give small damageFs that add up to .5 for each damage type over the course of the entire skill, or a total damageF of 1 across both damage types. (In other words, Throwing benefits directly and rather powerfully from magic power once you max out the skill.)
    Crossbowery: Added 20 more points of recovery buff; 10 at level 1 and 10 at level 3. Recovery rate is now +55% over base for the entire tree.

    Crossbowery Level 1 now grants on-shot buff "Watched By the Council", in which the Bolt Council gives you ammo of mid-to-high quality in exchange for your continued shooting of stuff.

    AxeSkills:3rd level eliminated and bonuses distributed between levels 2 and 4-now-3. Also gives +1 Melee Power
    4th level's proc percentages doubled to 8% and 16% Also gives +1 Melee Power
    Final level gives spell Cogito Ergo Splat. Also gives +1 Melee Power
    SwordSkills: 3rd level eliminated and bonuses distributed between levels 2 and 4-now-3. Also gives +1 Melee Power
    4th level's proc percentages doubled to 8% and 16% Also gives +1 Melee Power
    Final level procs-on-hit I'm Not Left Handed (very short Counterattack bonus) when hit. Also gives +1 Melee Power
    MaceSkills: 3rd level eliminated and bonuses distributed between levels 2 and 4-now-3. Also gives +1 Melee Power
    4th level's proc percentages doubled to 8% and 16% Also gives +1 Melee Power
    Final level's stat bonuses improved. Also gives +1 Melee Power
    StaffSkills:3rd level eliminated and bonuses distributed between levels 2 and 4-now-3. Also gives +1 Magic Power.
    4th level's proc percentages doubled to 8% and 16% Also gives +1 Melee Power
    Final level's stat bonuses improved. Also gives +1 Magic Power.
    FootSkills:3rd level eliminated and bonuses distributed between levels 2 and 4-now-3. Also gives +1 Melee Power
    4th level's proc percentages doubled to 8% and 16% Also gives +1 Magic Power.
    Final level procs Killer Combo (a second attack!) on hit 25%. This may trigger itself, leading to rare multi-hit combos. Also gives +1 Melee Power
    Armor: First skill's Block bonus doubled to 6.
    Walk it off procs twice as often.
    Final skills' Block increased from 3 to 7, for an even 15 block from the entire tree.
    Suit Up's health regen increased to +4. Brittleness increased to 5.
    It Only Makes You Stronger's Burliness bonus increased to 3, and HP bonus increased to 7.
    Shield: First skill's Block bonus increased to 10.
    Final skill's Block bonus increased to 7, for an even 20 block from the entire tree.
    Duck and Cover's health regen bonus increased to 4, and block bonus increased to 5.
    increased Tortise Manuver to 4 brittleness.
    Defensive Bash's damageF improved from .1 to .5.
    Final level gives 10% proc of Defensive Bash on hit.
    Dual Wield: 2 Counter removed from first skill. Seriously, you can dual wield, what more do you want?
    Ambidexterous Defense adds a 1-turn fairly sizable buff to Critical whenever you dodge. Setting up the shot and all.
    Final level now gives +15 Counter (now THAT's a level), for a total of +20 Counter from the entire chain.
    ver 0.1:
    Smithing: 3rd level adds 1 point Conflagratory Resist.
    4th level adds 1 point of Crushing damage and 1 point of Trap Level.
    5th level adds 1 point of Crushing damage and 2 points of Conflagratory Resist.

    Any questions, disagreements on balance, balance issues that I missed (especially these), suggestions, or problems found, please post here! I've playtested this a bunch, but I haven't been able to test every combination of possible Xs and Ys, so this can't exactly be considered 'stable'. I'm working up an expansion rebalance next.
  2. Lohen

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    Mushrooming: Mushroom Farmer now turns a corpse directly into a mushroom. No more wanking around with Spores!

    This is something I was also planning to do :D

    I think there is absolutely room for both of our mods as mine is a much more drastic set of changes. People who don't want the core experience massively changed would definitely be more comfortable with yours. I must admit though, I did not plan for my mod to become as huge as it has @_@
  3. Onamar

    Onamar Member

    Looks good to me, at first glance anyways.
  4. Lohen

    Lohen Member

    I think I'm calling it quits on my version, you've done a great job and I found out that a lot of the changes I wanted to make just can't be made with how the game works right now.
  5. While you're doing this, do you think you could make a "lucky pick"-esque power for thrown and crossbows, to make them summon some low-tier throwing weapons/bolts respectively? Also, since thrown weapons scale with melee power, maybe thrown weapons skill should be warrior?
  6. lccorp2

    lccorp2 Member

    Essential DoD's ninjitsu already has secret sword.
  7. Yes, but this is a core skill rebalance, and the thrown weapons tree is kinda useless on its own without a reasonable supply of throwing weapons. And regardless, no mod has the equivalent feature for crossbows, at least as far as I can tell.
  8. Kazeto

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    There is ninjutsu and poisoner is you want to get knives/darts/throwing stars, and it's very easy to get a lot of bolts by putting a few points (2 or 3) into tinkering*, and 3 points aren't worth that much for purely-ranged builds (as they have no need for melee skills and usually have 1 or 2 trees purely for passive bonuses, mixed builds can do pretty well without crafting any bolts, in fact). You have a good idea, but in the long run it's not like he should be doubling special traits that can already be found in one of his other mods (one that is of high quality and thus recommended to get, in fact).

    * After you reach level 3 of tinkering (and the amount of bolts does increase further if you go further), it's not difficult at all to get 100 bolts per dungeon level purely from crafting. And that is without buying additional crafting materials from vendors.
  9. Dynamod

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    It seems kind of weird to me that Unarmed combat gives you +1 magic power. I can understand staves, since they naturally give magic power, but unarmed combat is purely about defensive fighting, what with the bonuses to block, dodge, and counter and all.

    definitely testing this out though; Most of it sounds very good! I'm especially happy to see what you did with vampirism, makes sense and really helps out it's damage potential.

    If this turns out to be really good, maybe it should even be made part of the official game :p
  10. Lohen

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    I was going to just raise the base ammo recovery rate for taking those skill paths to 25% at rank 1, then +5% per rank after that, instead of the current way it works where you lose all your ammo early game and don't care about saving ammo later on once you start crafting lots of your own super ammo (around the point you max out your ranged tree and begin recovering lots of ammo). Maybe Essence could consider doing that change.
  11. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Actually, I think what I'll do is add a loadout of a Tinkering Kit and a few Plastic Ingots to Crossbowery. With level 0 Tinkering, you'll be able to make 5 bolts per ingot, so if I hand out say 8 ingots, you can effectively start with 40 bolts. By the time you've used those up, you should have found some more ingots somewhere.

    For Throwing, I'll just add a new item called Rock, and a 1st-level spell called "Pick Up Rock". :D

    Oh, and Dynamod, Unarmed gives +1 magic because it's intended to reflect the ki-based nature of unarmed combat. It makes your internal energies stronger, natch. ;)
  12. Lohen

    Lohen Member

    Your solution will work, I just don't see why you'd want to make things more complicated for the player when you have an opportunity to make things simpler. Giving them more items so they can make their own (really bad) bolts is more complicated than just letting them recycle the decent ones they normally start with more easily.

    Increased ammo recycle rates would reduce the reliance on taking Tinkering to be a Crossbow build in general, which I think would be good for the game. It just doesn't seem right how important taking Tinkering is compared to infinite use melee weapons that you don't need to take Blacksmithing to enjoy great efficiency with.

    Dynamod: since almost nothing in this game scales with anything but magic power, it isn't a bad thing that his mod gives you it.

    edit ps: I was going to mention that you should also consider adding a -50% crit rate debuff to some skill in your mod to help melee with late game monster's that have 30% crit rates. Sensible candidates abound in the Astrology school ("blinding" Flash of Light, etc...).
  13. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    You make a good point, Lohen. No Tinkering, yes recovery rate. Also, I've added some more ammo to the Crossbowery loadout. ver 0.0.2 uploaded in moments...
  14. Lohen

    Lohen Member

    Glad I can help. I would love being your #2 on this mod if you ever wanted help maintaining it. I'm still very interested in helping balance DoD, I just feel like your approach is more appropriate until Gaslamp makes some internal changes to how the game is modded / the combat formulas.
  15. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Oops, it appears as though I didn't actually add any more ammo to that loadout. Ah -- that's OK.

    And Lohen, I don't have any problems with anyone making their own changes to my mods (mod modding!) and then posting them. Just don't expect me to fail to swipe any changes you make that I like. :)
  16. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    He probably won't mind, seeing as he simply wants his ideas to be included if they are good.
    And honestly, I doubt any of us would mind if you did the same with our ideas posted here, as by doing that, they are attempting to help you with creating this mod, and thus asking you to do just that.
  17. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Now I feel important and powerful. :D

    So, on that note, what are your ideas for fun thrownBuffs for Ninpo, Kazeto? (Err..wrong thread. But please do reply over in the other one. :) )
  18. Onamar

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    The latest update crashes the game on startup.

    "File named skills/wizard/spell_earth932.png not found. The game will probably crash!"

    Oh well, back to the standard stuff for now.
  19. Pokenoob

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    I really like this mod a lot Great work! Promethan magic work fine now... oh well!
  20. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    That's odd; I didn't change Promethean Magic at all. :|