Essential Core Skills Rebalance II: Electric Bungalow

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    Ok, here I am (I really need a clock and a calendar - time flows differently for me) and here are what I've thought about.
    Swords already have their description
    which unfortunately tells exactly the same thing of the other weapon skill trees in the end. So, here how I'd change that, using Essence reference on skills:
    And, for other skills...
    Thrown weapons:
    Obviously those are just what I've been able to made by myself. You are encouraged to criticize and put your thoughs into this.
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    Aaaand... why don't we add Diggle Nog drop on Siegfried? It will add flavour on the character, and will reward a small gift to the player.
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    That would explain a lot about the already well rounded, deep and fleshed out character of Siegfried, with a cliched vampiric-lord-turned-diggle story. Maybe he's not even a vampiric human lord but an alcoholic bat lord? Who knows?
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    hey, i know this is a slightly abandoned thread judging from the times between responses, but i'd appreciate some assistance;

    i play on a mac and this mod causes my game to crash once i get to somewhere around floor 8-10, on transition to the next floor. i've systematically gone through and disabled and re-enabled every combination of mods over the past couple of months to confirm that it's this one, and i think i might know what the problem is; i'm not sure WHERE exactly this is supposed to be installed! on a mac, there are 2 or 3 Dungeons of Dredmor folders with all the files that I could install it in, like the Library/ApplicationSupport/Steam/etc... folder, or the actual Applications/DungeonsOfDredmor thing, and I would appreciate some help in figuring out where exactly this is supposed to go?
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    Do you have all expansion packs? Because if not then that's the reason for the crash.
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    i have all three, yes
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    Hmm ... In this case, and presuming none of the data for any of the expansion packs went wrong (which had happened a few times in the past, but it was rare enough that we can note the possibility of it happening, “just in case”, and then reject it for now), the problem would be something added by this mod that spawns on one of those floors, which means it's about room data, monster data, or item data.

    The bad news is, this mod doesn't change any of the aforementioned, only skill and spell data, and one file for the area-of-effect templates for spells and such. Which means that whatever the problem is, it shouldn't happen with just this mod.

    As for where to install this mod, I know not much about how Steam and OS-X work together, so I cannot tell you anything that would be guaranteed to be of any use to use, but ... the library folder thing should have a folder called “steamapps” somewhere deeper in which the main data for Dungeons of Dredmor is, and that is where you are to install this mod (obviously, after backing the original data up), To be honest, it's not as much a mod as it is a rebalance of the original content, which is the reason for the unusual installation compared to other mods.

    Oh, wait, another question. After changing the list of mods used, did you perchance simply continue to play with the same character rather than start a new one? Because as far as I know the game keeps a copy of the mods installed with the saves (so that the saves would not break if you decided to change your mod list and then forgot to change it back before continuing with that save), so if you change the mod list and don't create a new character it'll be as if you still had all of those mods active.
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    OK, coming back from the grave, taking back this thread with me into the light of the day again.
    Putting a friend of mine into this game, I've pretty much immediately linked this project to him, since I do think it makes the game more complex and funnier, while staying on the lore the devs wanted everything to be.
    Everything was doing good for him, but suddenly he told me "the Knightly Leap doesn't work". He is new to the game, even vanilla, so he didn't think about the horse of the chess. I read the description again, and I found the description being very poor in details. Dunno even how did I figured it myself, but at the time I was in full dredmor extasy, so I just had to try everything. Maybe the wiki helped, too.
    This is the text.
    Which, as I said, is pretty miserable, considering what the dev made for some other newer skills. Maybe we could put something like this
    With this ability, you can leap out of trouble - or into it - chess style.

    Also, I want to point it again against the weapon descriptions. Very, very poor descriptions, which don't blend with the variety of DLC notes, not to mention the description of mods. The semi-exception is the sword description, which at least try to not be the same of other skills. Daggers and polearms, behing newer, are just fine.
    Come on, what is this entire "bonuses" thing you are talking about? Give me LORE!
    Amazing. Simple and effective.
    We could put puns or just descriptions blending which changes are made by Essence:
    Swords is about nuking single opponents and countering attacks, with one 'off' level devoted to defense from magic. Key Stat: :counter:
    Axes is about nuking groups, crits, and increasing damage by disabling enemy defense stats. Key Stat: :crit:
    Maces is all about high damage numbers, knockbacks, and a bit of debuffing. Key Stat: :dmg_crushing:
    Staves is all about flexibility and damaging through Magic Power. Key Stat: :block:
    Unarmed is all about knockbacks, stuns, and multiplying damage. Key Stat: :dodge:
  9. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Wait, what? We lost our icons? What exactly does that mean?

    Anyway, here's my offhand quips:

    Swords: Slice, parry, and riposte like a true Highlander...just without all the annoying immortality and constant lightning.
    Axes: Hack enemy formations into kibbles. Hack defenses to bits. Hack the game's bits so you get more crits. Kibbles and bits and bits and crits!
    Maces: Hit things impossibly hard, like only a woody spice halfway between nutmeg and cayenne can.
    Staves: 'Cause they're long, and they're strong, and they're down to get the Magic-Power-based-melee contradiction on!
    Unarmed: Stun your enemies and send them flying with the light that shines from deep within your sole!

    Use 'em, tweak 'em, love 'em, shriek 'em. Aaaaaaaaaaasssssss yyyyooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiishh...
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    oh, I didn't notice - will ask Derek. Probably icons got broken in an update or something.
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  11. Daynab

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    Icons are fixed :) thanks Derek!
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    Thanks man, this place could have just collapse if it wasn't for you dedicated work. It touch my heart.

    Too bad lazy devs who are told what to do make things only by half! It lacks every stat, we have only damage and resist types (so no counter, crit chance or HEARTS)

    Btw, I'm joking, we love you devs.

    I love you, will definitively put those into my game and I'll make the two remaining myself (archery and throwing weapons).
    Cya men, always stay on the top! ;)
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    I've had an issue with this mod (probably didnt install properly?)
    where the first three or so promethean magic spells had no visual effects, and seemingly no damage either.

    Not sure what to do different in the installing process though.