Error with neck armours?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by GreyZ0mbie, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. GreyZ0mbie

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    Today i worked on my own mod, but had found a probably bug.
    In skillDB.xml there is line about loadout, like:
    <loadout type="reagent"subtype="Gold Ingot"always="1"amount="2"/>
    I wanted to add Time Lord Scarf (this), but game crashes immediately after typing name of character with this skill. I tryed this versions of loadout:
    <loadout type="armour" subtype="Time Lord Scarf" always="1" amount="1"/>
    because i based on information "Other things that can be put in this field are "weapon", "armour" (which includes things like rings, shields, and necklaces)..." here. Next try was like that:
    <loadout type="neck" subtype="Time Lord Scarf" always="1" amount="1"/>
    So doesnt work too. So i though, that error may be caused because Time Lord Scarf located in "expansion/game/itemDB.xml", not "game/itemDB.xml". So i tryed this, with necklace from standart itemDB.xml:
    <loadout type="armour" subtype="Copper Torc" always="1" amount="1"/>
    <loadout type="neck" subtype="Copper Torc" always="1" amount="1"/>
    This doesnt work too, meh.

    Btw, my mod.xml file:
        <revision text="1.0"/>
        <author text="GreyFerret"/>
        <name text="Enigma of time"/>
        <description text="Placeholder"/>
        <info totalconversion="0"/>
    <require expansion="1" />
    <require expansion="2" />
    Is this bug or where is my error in working with this necklace?
  2. Daynab

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    Neck is accessory/jewelery, not armor. I'm not sure what the exact term for the loadout is though. Look for the same as rings.
  3. GreyZ0mbie

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    As I said before, I wrote "armour" just because found this phrase:
    from here
    Its kind of strange, I know. :confused:

    Will try "necklace", just because I am not sure, that I did it before.
  4. Daynab

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    Oh, my bad. This is why I don't usually try to give help about modding mechanics :D sorry.
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  5. Alistaire

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  6. GreyZ0mbie

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    No, still crashing. :(
    delete type at all

    And whats strange too..? Quote:

    And at same time, Dredmor XML Validator doesnt know this type.

    Well, i guess, i need to choose something different, meh.
  7. Lunix Vandal

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    I think the issue might be that you're using items that are randomly generated. Try starting with an Ankh Amulet (one of the few non-random necklaces), like so:
    <loadout type="armour" subtype="Ankh Amulet" always="1" amount="1"/>
    If that works, then ... yeah. If you're dead-set on the Time Lord Scarf, you'll need to mod in another one (i.e. "Time Lord Scarf ", with the space) with the desired bonuses and randoms="0" in its <armour> entry.
    EDIT: And also no <artifact> line.
  8. Essence

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    Lunix, your spoiler is either broken or empty. If it's the former, please to fix. If it's the latter...good prank!
  9. Lunix Vandal

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    And if it's neither because it's actually a code bracket? :cool:
  10. 7Soul

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    Hi, I know this topic is very old but I think I found out whats the solution to this. The OP didn't post his itemDB.xml, so this might be a different bug.

    Add this to the <armour /> tag: randoms="0"
  11. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    Yeah i still need to know the loadout type for ammys and rings. My Android Rogue Mod slightly depends on it.