Epic Battle, sour end.

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    So I open a door. "It's just like any door", I think to myself with glee and mystery. Unbeknownst to my brain, there was a room full of party monsters filled to the ceiling with orgy action!

    I stand there for a moment, jaw agape. One of those bird mutants looks at me, shits an egg, and screams, "RANK FOUL MULE!".

    I fight. They're all around be, sweaty bodies pressing against mine, body parts flailing in a critical fashion. The sound track changes for every enemy I slay, but my bloodlust is not sated. I randomly teleport myself sexily into a corridor, where I can go spartan on their asses. One after the other of ugly naked fleshy monster comes against my impenetrable dominance.

    The music is still changing, who's in control of the boom box? 10 grueling minutes pass. I'm running out of cheese but it seems like the last of the vermin are about to be pummeled by my masculine hammer, when suddenly...


  2. Noven

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    That sucks :( Well, something similar to me happened, a final stand with my Mustache, however... I happened to find myself backing into a corner, and while I pretty much could have held out, I find a boss, or unique named or so, enemy that I just couldn't take down. A variety of fails ensue on loading my save after that xD But, again, that's too bad dood :(