Elements of Dredmor that inspire Characters, Personalities, Stories, Artifacts...

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    Not Arron Syaoran says: "My name's Rusty!, Rusty Caltrops! I'm here to show you a rootin' tootin' good time in Dredmor! Pick me up and I'll be your pal! But don't step on me, cause it's a doozy!"

    Essentially "Rusty Caltrops" is the name of a Cowboy-like, Twinkie the Kid-like Trap that can either trap bad guys for you, or hurt you if you don't watch out.

    Are there any elements of Dredmor(Traps, Rooms, Monsters, Memes, Eyebrows, Diggles, Items, Crafts, Spells, Skills, etc.) that inspire certain things for you, like singing Black Sabbath's Iron Man song when you get an Iron Ingot?

    I saw Rusty get killed on like Floor 11 or 14 or so when a monster ate all of the Rusty Caltrops from the last Rusty Caltrop Eruptor in the entire Dungeon on one of my runs. It was sad. I miss Rusty. Don't worry, he'll come back after I die/beat Dredmor.
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