Dual-Wielding Should Not Double your Melee Power Bonus

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mr_Strange, May 9, 2012.

  1. DavidB1111

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    Whew. Kirk proved that I wasn't going crazy about melee power not doubling on Dual Wield.

    By the way. the most damage I ever did was with I think a flail of Pleiades and a Skullcrusher from Roguish Renovation combo, and I think that was only around 115 and that also includes the silly amount of bonus damages from artifact rings/crownstar/other gear I always find.

    Oh, and Kirk, when you do your challenge, don't forget the Parachute pants. :) Those pants are awesome. Especially if Krong decides to not be a jerk and enchant them even a few times.
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    Melee power not doubling may be a 1.0 10 change. I'm certain I remember having full melee power applied to each basic damage type (slash, crush, blast) if you had more than one; now it's divided (and rounded down).

    What DOES get doubled is your bonus attributes from skill, which can be considerable.

    No skills that directly support ranged combat, or not even allowed to use throwables and wands?
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    Well, I guess pure melee was a misnomer. :)
    Ranged is okay at times. Just don't suddenly become an archer.
    Do what I do, save bolts of squids and other high powered bolts for zoos, spam down annoying enemies from range.
    No one wants to fight a blob of Corruption in melee. :)
    Ranged is okay against those blobs, kleptoblobbies, Hungry/Thirsty diggles, Magicka golems, and other more obnoxious enemies.
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    Why not just say "beat the game on GRPD while not using any items whatsoever" if you want to make an impossible challenge? Playing a "pure" melee build doesn't mean you never use thrown weapons. It means not taking any ranged or spell casting skills. All melee characters use thrown weapons and bolts to soften enemies before meleeing them, or for killing boss monsters or chest of evil monsters. Doing so doesn't make them "impure".

    Once you've selected your skills, the actions you take in the game have no impact on your build. Your build is determined solely by the skills you chose. Obviously, there are "item builds" like what kind of armor you choose to wear, or whether you use shield and weapon or two weapons, etc., but that's an entirely different use of the word "build".

    It's perfectly fair to use any and all tricks and strategies to survive once the game starts.
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    Ah. Okay then.