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    To add to this, maybe help narrow the problem down, my Windows 7 PC has a very similar problem on chrome, except the pedia is fine for me UNTIL I do anything on the mods tab. Attempting to tell it to display mod content causes frustrating randomness in what content it displays from then on until I delete the cookie or whatever temp files it uses to track those settings and start over. There's also no way to turn back on the one of the DLCs' content (I forgot which one) when ALL non-DLC non-Core content is disabled.
  2. Apparently Dredmorpedia has a monster named plegmatic animation instead of phlegmatic animation. Not sure how that's possible...
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    Its name was initially misspelled (I'm the one who caught that particular typo, actually) and references for spells, etc. call names instead of, say, ID numbers.

    ...man, it'd be useful if the game implemented a refID system like Bethesda's games...
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    Please no. I don't want to have to memorize a bunch of numbers.
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    Well, we need something to bypass the identical naming problem.
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    What about an optional spellName attribute that works like the skillName attribute for skills, but instead for spells??
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    I'm just hopping over to say how much I miss being able to use Dredmorpedia now that my life has been consumed by my shiny new keys and throwing zorkmids at things.
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    • Added Wizardlands data
    • Fixed mod selections finally
    Note that a lot of the new spell features aren't supported yet (or even old spell features like triggerfromlist). These will require more work.
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    I thought teh Devil had taken you away from us!
    *Snif* Never scare us like that again. We need you!
  10. Hurray!
    Are you going to expand the meta page too?
    It would be nice to see the armor and resistances required on a per level breakdown.
  11. Thanks for doing this- the 'pedia is an excellent gameplay resource! *goes to look at new skills*
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    JUST NOW discovered this resource. And I must say, it's a doozy. Great work, J-factor! My hat is off.
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    Dredmorpedia is not loading for me at all. I go to the page, I see the diggle running but nothing happens, no lag while stuff loads, the loading bar doesn't change, ect.

    I'm using internet explorer.
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    So previous to today none of the new skills were showing up in dredmorpedia.Today daggers and polearms are showing up for me, but none of the rest of the skills. I also do not see any option in the modding section to enable wizardlands. I'm just posting this here to confirm that this is not a bug that I should be trying to fix with my cache or some such.
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    Which version of IE are you running? It loads correctly for me on IE9.

    It might be caused by disabling all mods (including the base game). I've applied a fix now that should force the base game data to always be loaded.

    What web browser? Try again now and see if the fix I applied helps. Otherwise, clear your cookies for Dredmorpedia.
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    I'm running IE8 currently.
    I'm also confused about what you meant when you said it might be caused by disabling all mods.
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    There is functionality to enable/disable mods on Dredmorpedia. If you disabled all mods (including the 'base game' which is counted as a mod) Dredmorpedia would no longer load for you. This has now been fixed.

    Alas, I doubt that is the issue for you. Dredmorpedia makes use of a lot of new-fangled techno-magic that I doubt will work correctly in IE8. Additionally, I cannot test in IE8 (as I can't install both IE8 and IE9 side-by-side). The only advice I can give you would be to install Firefox or Chrome, if only for viewing Dredmorpedia.
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    Downloading IE9 should do the trick as well, correct?
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    Well I assumed you were still on Windows XP (which doesn't support IE9). Dredmorpedia works fine on IE9, but it's fastest on Chrome.