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    I've had a look at both of those but they're...not very good. At least, they certainly need a lot of work and people who will bother keeping them up to date.
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    As much as I hate Java, Dredmorpedia is the only updated and useful Wiki like thing available besides source diving and reading XML.

    Just enjoy it. J-Factor went to a boatload of work to get it working, and continues to update it regularly.
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    If he adds in comment sections (as cool as that would be) it would mean he was responsible for pruning them of misinformation or simply outdated information. That is a huge hassle considering that he already does what he does for free. Instead perhaps you could be the one to really dive into the game's info and update those wikis? =P
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    I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining, if I knew his address I would handwrite a long thank you message in a card and send it to J-Factor himself, I was just proposing an idea (although on second thought it wouldn't work easily).

    Maybe. But more likely not. I think if I were that organised I would already be doing it. But maybe one day.
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    Just have to sate my pet peeve on this one: Java and Javascript and *completely* different languages.

    Java is a language created by Sun used to either write server-side code or create "applets" to run in a browser by downloading a plugin. Javascript is what all (aside from something like Lynx) browsers run and the vast majority of modern websites use to add functionality.

    Opinion here, but generally speaking Java sucks and Javascript is awesome.

    Dredmorpedia is written entirely in Javascript :)
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    ***OFF TOPIC***
    The only good Java is made from Coffee Beans.
    ***On Topic***
    I always confuse the two. I hate both really.
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    I make a motion that there be an Omni Hates thread, so that people can keep all these things straight.
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    Sadly, I failed to clarify that I hate the language owned by Sun, and the scripting code that shares part of the name. I like anything Coffee.

    *Edit* But there is not enough space on all the hard drives on Earth for the Omni Hates thread...
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    J-Factor, I found a bug regarding monster stats. When a monster element is inside another monster element it inherits the parent monster's damage stats unless a particular stat is overridden with a new value. Your site is showing the parent monster's value when the child has that same damage type set to 0.

    One example is the Magic Dragon. It has conflagratory="0" yet your site shows it as conflagratory="5" which is what the parent Flamer has. The same applies to the Ice Wyrm, and probably others.
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    Also, for whatever reason, the text description of Thibault's Trompenent claims it scales off of nimbleness.
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    The only option for user content (given how the site is implemented) would be some kind of third party javascript comments system. As Dredmorpedia is already taxing enough for most systems, adding comments in this way would probably not be worthwhile. With that said:
    • Which game mechanics would you like to be included?
    • Rooms can potentially be parsed as well (in fact it's about the last parse-able game resource left)
    • Mod discussion should probably take place in their respective thread (the tag on Dredmorpedia links to the mod's thread)


    ...but it does?

    Either way, I never touch the text data. It should be straight from RC3.
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    Oh...I don't know exactly when I looked at it, but when I did, the text said it scaled off of Nimbleness but the icon in the popup description said it scaled off of Burliness.
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    The new expansion is not on the mod selection page, screwing it up.
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    When I access Dredmorpedia from my iPad, it has a lot of trouble remembering what Mods are chosen. Neither my Mac nor my wife's work laptop PC have this problem, it seems to be specific to the way iPad2 interacts with the site. Didn't seem to be happening a few weeks ago when you first introduced the Mods tab, and it's definitely been more frequent the last few days.

    Anytime I switch which area of the site I'm looking at, the activated mods are randomly changed. Go to check out the spell that a particular item procs, and it may randomly turn off the mod the item came from. It's a lot more random then that, though, and usually has no correlation to the specific thing I just clicked on. Sometimes it just suddenly turns off all the maingame content. It also turns on mods without me telling it to. Whenever any of this happens, if I go to the Mods section to set it back, I find not only are the checkboxes changed, but the mods are frequently listed in a different order than they had been. Even if I turn on _all_ the mods, it still happens.
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    Hey, big J-F, would you mind updating Dredmorpedia to run off of the newly-offical Compleat Essential Skills rather than the older two versions? Since it's on the Steam Workshop, I've had a few people comment that they'd like to see it on Dredmorpedia. :)
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    It would also be good if it was updated with the new DLC...
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    It kind of has everything is there, but there is no mention of it on the mod tab.
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    Wind Magic is in need of an update too. But it can wait. The thread for the mod describes it very well anyway.