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    FF 11, clean load.

    FaxPax, Magic in the Blood scales with melee power, but Dredmorpedia says it scales with magic power.

    On-kill too, but yeah.
  2. StonedNarwhal

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    It's loading the wrong mods for me too. (Chrome, fresh load)
  3. Glazed

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    I get this problem a lot. I'm using Firefox 11. I recommend you open all popups horizontally centered. Right now they always appear completely to the left or completely to the right of the icon that caused them to open. This is not friendly to small resolutions.

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    Just discovered an apparent bug with linking. I clicked the link icon for crownstar addendum and sent it to a friend. He clicked it and was taken to a page of boots. I had the same thing happen to me the first time I tried it. Both using Chrome. Worked fine in IE9 (didn't try FF).

    Here's the link it provided: http://j-factor.com/dredmorpedia/#359

    Intersting... that time I clicked on it, I highlighted "Infernal Contract" in the spells section.
  5. Glazed

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    I can't reproduce this in any browser. The named anchor for the Crownstar is #782. You shouldn't have to click it then copy the address bar. Instead, right click the link icon and select "Copy Link Address".


    EDIT: Ha! that links me to a recipe for gloves in Firefox! I guess I can reproduce the bug. And now, even in Chrome, in a new tab, it says Crownstar is #455. Now it's #455 in Firefox, too!
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    Can we get a hardcoded link for Dredmorpedia with ALL mods it currently supports enabled?

    That would save me a lot of time and trouble. Content from mods I am not using is pretty much irrelevant to me. I do not mind sifting through a few dozen extra entries for the things I am looking for.

    BTW, I love the avatar image Glazed. :)
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  8. Daynab

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    Without looking at the link it sounds like a spell from Chronomancy.
  9. Tycho

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    Thing is, all the mod flags are disabled in Dredmorpedia.
  10. Glazed

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    Since there's a bug in Dredmorpedia regarding links to individual items, spells, etc, that link is not working. For me, it points to "Major Refresh".

    For each item and spell, etc, if it's not from the base game there is a little text icon in the upper right. For instance, it will be a white box that says "RotDG" if the item is from the expansion, Realm of the Diggle Gods. If you click on on of these abbreviations, it will tell you what mod it comes from.

    Oh, but there's no icon for that spell. Could it possibly be in the core game? Ah, it is in the core game, but no skill grants you access to it. It appears to have once been a Psionics skill, but it's commented out in that skill line. If you want access to it, you will have to uncomment that skill. It's in the core game skillsDB.xml starting at line 567.

    Honestly, it looks like a pretty crappy spell. You waste a turn to cast it granting you 5:nimbleness:, 5:counter:, and 10:edr:, but it only lasts for one hit! So you only get that bonus for one attack (assuming the monster hits you back). If you were already in melee with a monster you also give them a free hit when you cast it. It looks totally useless. I'm glad it's commented out. :)
  11. Tycho

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    With a little tweaking it could be quite nice I think.
  12. Shadowplay

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    I would love for Dredmorpedia to also be useable on non-widescreens.
  13. Glazed

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    If it lasted for 6 to 10 hits instead of 1 it wouldn't be terrible. Alternatively, it could last forever and have an upkeep.
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    Dredmorpedia is not working for me today!!! Go daddy has the domain expired as of yesterday :(
  15. Tycho

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    ugh godaddy
  16. J-Factor

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    Yeah, I know. Really wish I changed over a while back but forgot about it.

    Will get domain up and running ASAP.


    It's back up now.
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    Thanks you are amazing :)
  18. Glazed

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    J-Factor, You are indeed amazing, and I want to have your babies.

    One of those babies I will name Dredmor Codex.
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    As incredibly useful as Dredmorpedia is, would there be any chance of a supplementary wiki-style section for stuff that it can't cover easily? It'd be nice to look up game mechanics and rooms reliably and/or have discussion pages for certain items and mods, etc.
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    There's the Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki which focuses more on gameplay elements, but it needs a tidy up and a lot of tweaking, as it's a little out of date or things aren't as clear as they should be.