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    Chrome, excuse me for not being clear :oops:
  2. Heya, you're not on IRC J-factor, so please update my mod on your site to 0.8, thanks. :) It should be pretty quiet and unchanging until sometime after the next big game patch.
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    Wow. It worked. Thank you.
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    No problem, re-installing tends to solve this kind of weird problems, glad I could help :)
  5. Hey J-factor, I updated SwiftStriker, think you could update the version on dredmorpedia? Thanks!
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    Both those mods should be updated now.
  7. excellent! Also, bushido updated recently, you might want to update that :)
  8. Thanks! I think my tomes are not showing up anywhere due to having an override name of "Cookbook" instead of "tome". I thought it was cute, but I can just call them tomes if it'd be too much of a PITA for you to make Dredmorpedia parse em.
  9. Hey, a couple things:

    1: Epic job on the wiki, just thought I'd say that.

    2: I updated swiftstriker yet again, and I think this time it's gonna be stable, so don't worry about having to change it again after this. probably :)

    3: I'd love the option to be able to search the database BY STAT BONUSES. Like, if I wanted a build centered around maximizing, say, savvy, I could search the wiki for buffs, skills, and items that grant savvy bonuses, in order of best to worst. That would be a really helpful feature imho.
  10. To simplify matters, I created a dredmorpedia-only edition of my mod which simply calls the cookbooks tomes. Because I think it's fun for them to say Cookbook on them in-game, that is what they are called in-game, but this special Dredmorpedia-only edition of my mod will make the books show up properly in the tome section of Dredmorpedia. Thanks again for the great site/resource/uberwiki you're runnin here, cap'n!
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    Sorry for the delay in updating people's mods. I'll get on it later today.
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    Okay both Swiftstriker and Dire Gourmand should be updated. Your items weren't appearing because of the item "Delicious Diggles & Other Tasty Beasts!". You aren't allowed to have unescaped '&' characters in valid XML.
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    The unresponsive script error is back, and has been for at least several days. It completely stalls out on my iPad, but sometimes my desktop Mac is capable of powering through it in Firefox.

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    Just rewrote a lot of stuff - try again now. I've loaded up FF and turned my 'max script runtime' down to a measly 2 seconds (default 5 seconds) and haven't encountered an error yet.

    Also, mods can now be toggled on and off (using the 'Mods' tab). By default they're all off.

    Oh and I added support for the new scaling types.
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    That fixed it.

    Really love the ability to turn mods on and off. Saves time hunting through everything. Also makes it easier to figure out whether or not a basic main game item actually does have a recipe in the main game, or if that recipe was just added in a particular mod.

    However, it seems that maybe the mods tab could be more conspicuous? I wouldn't have noticed it if you didn't call it out - I would have spent 10 minutes trying to figure out where the gorgon head went. :)
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    I'll see about promoting the mods section more prominently.

    FYI, for anyone using Chrome, the fix for 'unresponsive scripts' made it so that the loading process can stall if you change tab. Basically you have to keep staring at the running diggle or otherwise it stops loading. Looking at ways to fix this.
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    What is wrong with watching the running diggle?
  18. I think he just needs a bit more action. If you could get him to, I dunno, caper a bit, that'd be lovely. Does he know any good jokes? I've always wondered what it'd be like to hear a good joke delivered through someone's nose, and that diggly little chap is clearly well-equipped for the job.
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    Just found out about your wiki from another discussion, and it is impressive! Both in terms of it's usefulness and the idea of parsing the game files using JS instead of relying on users to find and update stuff. I'm a web developer myself, so I might even go poking around your code at some point :)

    It appears there's a huge number of patterns I've never seen... I wonder if the auto-parsing it picking up some things that aren't actually implemented? Most of the Smithing patterns listed with RotDG I don't have access to, either basic or hidden.
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    I have updated Dredmorpedia with the latest RC game files.

    You will not have access to certain recipes if you're not playing on the RC5 build. If you are playing on the RC5 build you still won't be able to use them because the developers malformed the recipes game file. I posted a fix for this in the RC thread.