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    J-F doesn't seem to be paying much attention, so I emailed him. Maybe he can pass the torch. :)
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    I think I check my email even less than this forum these days, but luckily I happened upon Essence's email.

    Good work crawling all the directories/files needed to get this working. I tried to comment the JS as I went (if you looked at it).

    No XSLT. All just JS + Jquery manipulating the parsed XML objects manually.

    I've updated the site to the latest game data as well now (I think). I'm in the process of uploading a zip of my 'dev folder' which lets you run Dredmorpedia locally.

    Will edit with more info later. Also I just noticed that we're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of Dredmorpedia - I think this is a record for longest time I've 'maintained' a hobby project.

    EDIT #1: You can download the dev/offline version of Dredmorpedia here: http://j-factor.com/dredmorpedia/Dredmorpedia.zip If you're on windows, open run.bat to 'run' Dredmorpedia locally. This should launch your default web browser and start a local web server (an M will appear in your status bar - right click it to shutdown the server). If you're not on windows you'll have to find a lightweight HTTP web server for your OS.
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  3. Wootah

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    Dredmorpedia has done so much for this game and the community, thank you.
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    I second Wootah's words, since we are in the "thanking" mode now. Really, thanks for what you've done, J-Factor.
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    Dredmorpedia is, frankly, indispensable for the game. Thanks from me as well.
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  9. Just gonna copy this here ...
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  10. Caio Caly

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    This is awesome! If you need help with anything I`m totally up to it!

    Really nicely done!
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    Bookmarked! Who'd of thought a dedicated forum would prove so useful...
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  12. BDR1985

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    Are there any plans to do more with the stosic copy of this valuable resource? One thing that'd be cool in my opinion is tracing spell effects back to their source, as in stuff like being able to go from the 'spell' Broadside to the skill that causes the effect. It's a little annoying to see Big Bam 1 through 4, for instance, and not be able to trace where that comes from just by looking at the spell entry. Yes, I know it's probably Bolt of Mass Destruction, don't deflect my point.
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  13. mining

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    Except it's a 1 child has many parents, not 1 parent has many children relationship.
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  14. This whole time I've been using the un-updated wikis to get all my Dredmor info, this is really nice.
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  15. Arron Syaoran

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    Stosic Dredmorpedia runs somewhat slower than J-Factor's for me. Plus it doesn't contain any info on any mods(especially popular mods like Faxpax, Interior Dredmorating, Roguish Renovation and Essential Skills).

    Edit: I think the reason why it's loading slower is because it's having trouble loading the Images/Icons. J-Factor loaded the images liquid smooth in comparison.
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  16. eternaleye

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    Just recently started playing Dredmor, and Dredmorpedia has been wondrously helpful. One thing I find myself wondering is how feasible it would be to make the mods tab pull from Steam - J-Factor, is the code up anywhere (like github)? If you don't mind, I'd like to see if I could add that (as well as possibly encrustation).

    I could just start with the code as-is in-browser, but github has the benefit of tracking origins of code and such (the 'forked from' thing), along with how much easier git makes merging changes. Plus, I wanted to ask permission.
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    This site still takes forever to load. What's up with that?
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  18. OmniaNigrum

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    Java. 'Nuff said.
  19. Daynab

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    The way he uses javascript is kind of impressive, but the way it works is that it parses the entirety of the game's assets everytime you load the page, which takes an ungodly amount of time, at least the way he set it up. It would be possible to make it differently, but I tried myself and ran into the "wow this is a ridiculous amount of work" situation.

    To sum it up, there's nothing he could do to make it much faster other than make it in an entirely different way.

    Javascript, and it's not specifically the reason, just the way he set it up.
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  20. mining

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    If you parsed it in C, it'd be done in 1/32 the time, but take 6 months to build.
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