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    Here's a small "mod" I made for myself (because I'm old and can't remember squat dagnumit!)

    This adds a small tag to the bottom of the descriptions of fungus and potions detailing what these items do statistically. It covers only the standard items you typically encounter in the game (Fairywodger, Inky Hoglantern, Potion of Radience, Potion of Midas, etc. etc. )

    Some items are still a little cryptic (on purpose - for example Mud Wen & Verdant Potion), but overall if an item provides a buff of some kind then it is listed showing exactly what it provides. I used the wiki for this information so if something has changed or is wrong alert me and I will fix it. Same thing with spelling errors as I am notoriously bad with spelling, punctuation and English in general (and yeah it's my native language - Thank you U.S. public school system! ;))

    To "use" this mod you need to back up your itemDB.xml file. This file *should* be found in your dungeons of dredmore directory under the GAME subfolder.
    Mine is located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor\game\

    BE SURE TO MAKE A COPY OF THAT FILE before overwriting it with this one. Hopefully in a future patch modding will be made much simpler without the need/danger of overwriting files.

    Hopefully someone finds it useful or interesting. Thanks! :)



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    Well done, very useful.
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    What would happen if you copied this file into the /mods folder instead? Wouldn't that make it override the original file?
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    Mod loading isn't implemented yet.

    The closest you'd get would be my mod manager which handles merging multiple mods into the same file, backing up the original and other stuff. </ad>
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    Aw, but part of the fun is trying to remember how each potion buffs you. XD