Windows Vista/7 32-bit Dredmor running slow

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Vitellozzo, Apr 25, 2016.

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    Hi folks! Long time no see!
    Yesterday all this Dredmorish game stuff and mods went to my mind, telling me to return to the game.
    What is happening is basically the game running SO SLOWLY from the main title to the game itself.

    And this is strange, since I've got a better graphic card since last time playing it.
    The issue is both with and without mods. I've also already tried to verify cache integrity, without success.

    I've just deleted the whole game to try reinstalling it. No use whatsoever.

    :edit: I forgot to mention that also the resolution does nothing about this.
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  2. Vitellozzo

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    Funny thing is that this just disappeared in the meanwhile, I just forgot about the game and returned to see everything normally. No change in hardware/software/dredmor files/utilities or addons. Nothing at all since this last post.
    Now the game runs smooth and cool, as always.