Dredmor Patch 1.0.11 Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Stop it! I don't have much left!
  2. Nikolai

    Nikolai Member

    Well, can't you turn into a werediggle and give me whatever those are coated in?
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  3. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    If you ever had to smell what they are coated in, you would never say that again. Even Brax is repelled by that stuff.
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  4. Warlock

    Warlock Member

    In Soviet Russia, Hair does not have much of YOU left! :)
    (it had to be done)
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  5. Nikolai

    Nikolai Member

    Back on topic, Werediggle makes you smell too bad this patch to be viable. Needs a buff, or shampoo.
  6. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Just a reminder for those using Desura to grab this or any other game, Desura is based in Australia.

    Some banks may even go so far as to delay payment when you send money to them. Check your e-mail and bank account to verify things work before you complain that Desura is the problem. (Luckily my bank did not delay payment. They did however send this nice little edited email.

  7. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Seriously? In the Internet age, there are banks freaking out because someone in an English-speaking, first-world country wants to. Charge 5 bucks on your debit card?!?
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  8. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Actually, given how much we hate and despise our banks, it doesn't surprise me that the rest of the world is hesitant to give them money as well.

    I'm also expecting the next patch will have "developer hair" as an alchemical reagent. >>
  9. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Yep. I was greatly shocked they cared at all. I apparently had set my account to only notify me of international charges. If my memory is correct, the default when I started the account was to stall payments silently until you manually call the bank to approve the charges. WTF is with these Digglebuck hoarders?

    Years ago I ordered some European Absinthe from the Czech Republic. I had no issues whatsoever buying it. BTW, Bairnsfather makes a wondrous Bitter Absinthe. And for those living in USA, note that it is *ILLEGAL* to sell real Absinthe in the USA. It is in no way illegal to purchase or order it. And 99% of the time it passes customs without so much as a second glance. I note this because recently the booze shops started selling some swill they pretend to be Absinthe that is even labled Absinthe right on the bottle. It has been chemically altered though. And lacks any measurable volume of Thujone.

    BTW, for a purely off topic post, read the links in this post. They are Wikipedia and show exactly why the laws against this beverage are written in concentrated ignorance and abject fear. Especially the example of Sage oil. :)

    I have said before on these very forums that I do not drink. That is mostly true. The last major drinking I did was with Bitter Absinthe. It was better than anything I have found in this country. If it were available without having to mass a group of orders among friends to make the courier charge worth bothering with, I would probably still occasionally enjoy it. The Absinthe itself was not overpriced. The courier charges were almost $80 USD years ago. So I ordered a dozen bottles and three of them were actually mine at the end.

    End off topic post... Back to DoD. :)
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  10. Michael88

    Michael88 Member

    I have an error to report. Every time I overload my "Arcane Capacitor" DoD crashes to desktop :/
  11. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    That is not currently listed in the Known Issues list, but I swear I have heard that before. I am checking to see if I can find a thread about that.

    *Edit* I checked and could not find what I thought I remembered. The closest was this thread. It is recent enough that Daynab will likely only flail me for a few hours for linking it here.


    I suggest posting it there to merge the issues.

    (I checked 16 pages of the Bugs forum. That was back to the middle of March.)
  12. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Man, absinthe made an appearance at the Dredmor launch party. Among other things. Many other things. MANY. The next day was rough -- but we did not lack for mana.
    And I'm done with absinthe.

    So what were we talking about again?
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  13. Michael88

    Michael88 Member

  14. klaymen_sk

    klaymen_sk Member

    Did you see the absinthe fairy? :)
  15. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    No, merely the Porcelain God.
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  16. coldcandor

    coldcandor Member

    I'm kinda sad I missed the Shardz debacle... oh well. I personally feel that Steam has does some... not cool things, but without it PC Gaming would be a shell of what it is today, especially in the arena of creativity. We'd be forced to choose from 1 overpriced, flashy, pointless, "AAA" game or another and that's about it. But that's all I'll say about that.

    I haven't noticed anything too untoward from the latest content yet, and really, seriously, am dying to play in the Wizardlands! Been away for a while, but I'm quickly reminded how great you guys are simply by the replies in threads like these, both from the community and the devs. *group hug*
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  17. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Could be worse, you could have met Khorne. :)
    "More blood for the blood god! More skulls for the skull throne!"
  18. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    (After the exciting being told that we don't need a video trailer, Desura apparently deleted our entire application process for YHTNTEP; now it's asking for video again.)
  19. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

  20. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Damned Desura... They are shooting themselves in the foot.
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