Dredmor Patch 1.0.10 RC9 Feedback Thread - I Believe in The Lever Fix

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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member



    - FIXED: Save Game Compatibility with 1.0.9 not-rev-B
    - FIXED: double level-up bug
    - FIXED: zorkmids corruption on save game load bug

    I think we have a winner.

    EDIT MCWhateverth:

    http://patches.gaslampgames.com/dredmor/dredmor_patch_1_0_10_RC9.tar.gz for OS X. Instructions:

    - get steam build
    - dump everything from zip in dredmor.app/Contents/MacOS , overwriting all of the things
    - dump everything from tar.gz over top of dredmor.app

    (You're probably best advised to do this from the terminal.)

    I will finally put up the Linux stuff in the morning.



    - FIXED: Save game compatibility with 1.0.9 REV B -- PLEASE VERIFY THIS!
    - FIXED: can now add new elements to room template DB without having to worry about ordering. Things are now stored by strings, but you should make sure in mods that room names are *unique*
    - FIXED: Fungal arts. Again.

    I think this is it, folks... please, PLEASE, test all the thrice-damnable save game stuff.




    1. Untar dredmor.app from above tarball.
    2. Copy contents of Win32 zipfile below vvvvvvv into your Steam/HIB dredmor.app/Contents/MacOS directory
    3. Copy above tarball's dredmor.app overtop of your old dredmor.app, overwriting everything as you go

    Theoretically, this will work!

    Linux patch: done but trapped on my Linux because OpenSSL is being a jackass.



    - some more David changes
    - a new item
    - FIXED: save games loading and saving buffs
    - FIXED: some buff taxas were broken; fixed
    - FIXED: ubercraft crashes
    - FIXED: ubercraft filters now have nice highlights on them
    - FIXED: a handful of other small issues from RC6.

    Warning: patch 1.0.10 RC1->RC6 games are incompatible with RC7. (1.0.9 should still be okay, although we are verifying this now.)

    Share and enjoy. Now, really, Linux builds.



    - FIXED: stair going up/down issue
    - FIXED: levers and Uberchests; again
    - FIXED: don't allow _ or . chars in hero's name
    - FIXED: infinite loop with flame fields and damage effects (maybe)
    - FIXED: hungry/thirsty diggles now eat a max of 10 food items at a time
    - FIXED: playerHitEffectBuffs now work on objects (fixes Anemone belt, etc.)
    - FIXED: ubercraft filters
    - FIXED: more tweaks, general nonsense.

    If there are any showstoppers, let me know before Wednesday, please. Otherwise I'm going to put this up on about Thursday or so. OS X, Linux Builds now on the way.

    EDIT: PATCH 5. @#$@ this save game code.



    EDIT: PATCH 4 does what Patch 3 did without crashing madly. (Oh, and corrupting your saves, too. Bonus.)


    FIXED: fungal arts
    FIXED: save/load issues

    EDIT: PATCH 3 has the nasty habit of crashing on saves for some reason. (I swear it didn't do this at the office.) I recommend waiting for patch 4 which will be tomorrow morning.


    Small, due to the office move and so forth, but narrowing in on a good candidate.


    - fungal changes again
    - Steam Workshop support (experimental); more on this later
    - FIXED: No, really, you *can't* eat your belt
    - FIXED: infinite dread collectors spawning with save games from version 1.0.9
    - FIXED: lever crash
    - added a tougher Lord Dredmor to floor 15
    - Added hungry, thirsty diggles
    - Added Megadeth; Red Deth
    - Some more stuff from David.

    EDIT: Patch 2 update!

    - FIXED: Marginally less crashy.
    - FIXED: scaling works.
    - FIXED: J-Factor's complaints about our hideously broken XML.
    - Added support for wands with infinite charges (a modder request.)

    Please re-test all of the things. Also, I cannot get belt-eating to work. Seriously. What's the matter with me? Do I need some BBQ sauce or something?

    NOTE: This patch is a BETA. It is here only for ENJOYMENT of your SMASHED COMPUTER, and destruction of your SOUL.


    - copy the "Dungeons of Dredmor Steam.exe" in place if you want to try the Steam Cloud support. (In this case, you probably have to run from within Steam.)
    - Otherwise, just copy this over your Desura/Steam/HIB install and have at.

    This is Windows only; I'll put up OS X and Linux flavours tomorrow when it's not 11 PM tomorrow.

    Please put all feedback HERE. Daynab will log it and make sure it gets to me, but I'll be around as well.

    Mildly more refined Changelog:

    - FIXED: Invisibility now works as it says on the tin.
    - FIXED: Blackjack works again.
    - FIXED: Added a flag to targetHitEffects that lets them apply before, or after, the target combat calculation.
    - FIXED: "Playing for Both Teams" achievement now works.
    - FIXED: bookshelf crashing bug w/bony wand recipes
    - FIXED: Some timing exploits.
    - FIXED: A number of load/save corruption issues.
    - FIXED: Uberchests not opening after you load and save.
    - FIXED: You can now load more than one mod on OS X.
    - FIXED: The Mace of Windu now uses the correct art.
    - FIXED: Item spawning on levels 11-15 now works correctly. Additionally, mods can nt countte items up to Level 20.
    - FIXED< normal damage. Else, critical attack.
    If youoader screen.
    - FIXED: Area of effect related crashes.
    - FIXED: manTemplateDB.xml now loads in a mod.
    - FIXED: Crash when doubly polymorphed.
    - FIXED: You can no longer eat your own belt by right-clicking it.
    - FIXED: You can now start the game with pants.
    - FIXED: Magic reflection now reflects missile spells.
    - FIXED: Game now remembers which mods have been loaded.
    - FIXED: disable click-to-move now disables auto-walk to doors.
    - FIXED: disable click-to-move now remembered by game.
    - FIXED: Invisible Geometries may finally work as intended.
    - FIXED: Pacify effects now respect amount tag. (This mainly effects Emomancy spells "Depressing Elemental Blast" and... something else about angst?)
    - FIXED: Polymorphing now longer closes all of your windows.

    - MECHANICS: Changes to combat ordering. The new combat ordering is as follows:

    If you dodge, no damage.
    If you crit, and your opponent counters, no damage. If you crit and your opponent blocks, normal damage. Else, critical attack.
    If your opponent counters, counterattack!
    If your opponent blocks, 1/2 damage.
    Else, normal damage.

    At present, this only affects melee combat.

    - MECHANICS: Changed behaviour of Haematic Phylactery.
    - SHIRTS: We have them, you can buy them on the website.
    - UI: Ubercrafting now has filters.
    - UI: Autosaves now auto-save once every 5 minutes in addition to before going down (and up) stairs.
    - NEW CONTENT: some new rooms.
    - NEW CONTENT: about a bajillion new, evil traps.
    - Upgraded SDL to version 1.2.15, fixing bad things that happen on OS X (and no doubt introducing new bad things.)
    - Rewrote the entire audio engine. This is going to end well.
    - Removed all of the SDL_Image code.
    - New features for modders:
    - Scale: the ability to scale damages/effects in spells by a primary and a secondary stat
    - Generic Item Classes for Sacrifices
    - Removal of Buffs by Name
    - Counter, Block, Dodge, and Critical Hit Triggers
    - Booze and Food Consumption Triggers
    - Taxa can now be applied to specific monster types, not just the species category.


    - Monster Cast on Death Triggers.
    - Randomized Resistance and Damages for Items
    - Monsters now have per-type item drops.
  3. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Do I get first crash award? (unfortunately it was as random as it could be... just a crash upon attacking)

    Also eating belts is still in.
  4. Sade

    Sade Member

    Eating a Plum crashed the game for me.

    Also, Plunder is working correctly...?
  5. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    I'll check the fruit.
  6. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Okay. Current summary of known issues:

    - belt eating not fixed
    - a random crash related to the new buff stuff (which will be fixed tomorrow morning)
    - broken primary buff in magic training
    - broken wand lore end tag
    - are scaled stats always working?
  7. Derek

    Derek Member

    Waiting with bated breath for an OS X Version!
  8. J-Factor

    J-Factor Member

    • The amount attribute of "removebuffbyname" doesn't work. It still removes an entire stack of buffs when amount="1" instead of only removing one instance of the buff.
  9. tennerage

    tennerage Member

    The disclaimer for the beta was sufficiently hilarious to warrant sharing it in steam chat, repeatedly.
    It caused laughter, aloud, which is rare when I am alone and reading forums.
    I may be more comfortable, in private, with my sense of humour. I may also be going insane.

    Regarding SHIRTS,
    I would like to know approximately how much of my cost is given to you, the developer and/or fashion designer - so that I know if it's worth the money.
    I don't really want one if only $1 from every t-shirt goes to you - and, while it may be closer to $1.50, that is still an insignificant fraction from the number of niche, hobby t-shirts that I predict will be bought :p
  10. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Regarding shirts: TopatoCo is an artist-owned merchandising conglomerative. Jeffrey Rowland is awesome, and we actually get a really good cut on the merchandise that we sell through them - one of the best in the industry.

    Also, their spokesman is a potato that is made of poison.
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  11. tennerage

    tennerage Member

    Ahahaha, WHAT.
    How is this affecting the Gaslamp?
    Is he slowly weakening the team with his rich solanine touch?

    It's really satisfying to have a company respond to the community (yes, you - personally - are a company :p).
    I thank you for this - especially for responding to me personally (approximately 2040h on 28 February in Australia) while I was around the corner at a neighbour's house :)
    Borrowing their microwave, using their power. All of it.
  12. Kaoschan

    Kaoschan Member

    Just my replay while playing the current version:

    - Items still stack if crafted (for example swords) and you can equipt the whole stack without problems (they don't give additional bonuses or disappear)
    - Please make the UI buttons for skill, ingredient, secret recipes light up if enabled.
  13. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    ... what in the world.
  14. tennerage

    tennerage Member

    In summary, do not eat him.
  15. ledow

    ledow Member

    Can I just say that this doesn't bode well for your internal testing:

    - FIXED: You can no longer eat your own belt by right-clicking it.
    - belt eating not fixed

    I'd have thought that would be quite a simple thing to test, for example. Load "fixed" game you just posted up there, eat belt.

    I don't hold out much hope at all of the majority of bugs affecting me now to be fixed before I stop playing the game. It took a long time for a feature in the game (i.e. magic reflection) to actually do anything at all, let alone things like the Steam achievements (but I can forgive you for those because testing them probably isn't quite as simple but, come on, the male/female one and the skill tree ones? How hard are they to test in a short gaming session with debug / mods?).

    It really doesn't inspire confidence in other things like your ripping out SDL_image, rewriting the audio engine, upgrading the SDL version globally, etc. Are you really sure you should be breaking this much working code that's highly hardware and OS-dependent when you can't test the simplest of fixes that aren't?

    Seriously, guys - take a week off coding. Play the game endlessly. Write down all the bugs you find but just keep playing. Every 20 minutes, save, quit out of the game entirely, load it back in and carry on where you left off. Spend the week AFTER that fixing them and testing the fix works.

    You'll hit at least 4 or 5 that affect the way you play, I should imagine (in my last session alone, I stood on top of two different monsters - on different levels - because of some weird timing issue that let us occupy the same space, I got the achievement with the Clockwork Limbs and in the process found out that you can stack crafted items that you cannot normally stack, I got constantly annoyed by having to call up and rearrange every window out of the centre of the screen every time I quit the game and loaded back my previous save, I had to consciously remember not to use stairs once I'd opened a Monster Zoo and also to not use them before opening up all the Uberchests, and I threw away a dozen items because the only advantage they offered was magic reflection).

    We love the game, but really - come on. Test it properly yourself before you put out an RC, then take all those user-results and test it some more. And don't splat it on Steam until you're confident it won't break things for users that have NO way to revert if you mess it up.
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  16. tennerage

    tennerage Member

    On a related note:
    Given that I often have to go away, part-way through a floor, and prefer to save power by saving the DoDredmor session and shutting down my PC - I will enjoy it immensely if the ├╝berchest fix really works this time! Thanks for reminding me.
  17. Jusupov

    Jusupov Member

    Is pyre nerfed? Loaded up a save I have just before Lord Dredmor and tried pyreing him to death like I did last time and now it didn't even hurt him. Thought it was just him but when it used to damage enemies for ~33 damage now it did 8 on smaller monsters. Granted I do think it requires a nerf.

    Game seems to continue for one turn after you celebrate killing Lord Dredmor, and while I've now been trying to get myself killed on that turn its turned impossible since the game crashes if I melee him. It didn't the first time I tried to do it but now it happens every time.

    edit: This was on the steam version

    When loading a savegame if you do it by doubleclicking on the savegame name the game will interpret that (or possibly an extra click) as a movement command even though the game hasn't even loaded it yet.
  18. Windows7/64 8gb Ram, 5.4gb Free. Full specs & DX Diag avail on request.
    DoD, RotDG and No Mods active, but mods in mod dir.
    Steam version, unless otherwise specified due to DoD not loading quick enough via "Steam Sucks" reasons.
    ** = New, since 1.0.10. Else, existing issue/bug from 1.0.9.

    9 issues so far.

    ** 1. 4 Random(?) Crashes. Nothings special going on, but these are first crashes so soon after loading DoD.exe All have occured on DL1. The frequency of crashes could quickly become a game breaker for me.
    Twice while fighting Batty in different combat instances/areas
    Once while fighting a Blobby " ".
    Reproducible: Eating Dire Sandwich.
    2. Inventory and Cube windows positions not saved after DoD.exe is shut down. Crash or restart game engine.
    3. No Pants at game start.
    4. Equipment Menu still cannot be postioned/dragged around game screen.
    5. Inventory overlapping column. You can place items to the right of the 8th column.
    When you do this, you cannot place a new item in the 1st column on the next lower row.
    SS avial on request.
    6. Save/Quit button overlaps Save/Continue button on left side of Save/Continue, over the word Save.
    7. Game Window last position not saved on desktop after DoD engine restart.
    8. Vending Machine Spawning/Rune combos: Generate a randomly stocked machine. This can be abused with save scumming until desired items appear. Once the machine is generated by runes or floor generation, the inventory does not change. This report is just about spawning a machine by flipping the lever.
    9. Load Game Menu: Automatic Save shows the picture from last saved game.

    FYI: 1.0.10 created games ARE NOT backward compatible with 1.0.9 engine. Crash/freeze on load.

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  19. Kaoschan

    Kaoschan Member

    The Crafting Window still prevents the pressing of buttons if it is behind the button.

    open any crafting window
    open character sheet
    if the crafting window is behind the X of the character sheet, pressing X doesn't do anything.
  20. lockeslylcrit

    lockeslylcrit Member

    Tried out the new patch. Crashed when killing a random Blobby on level 2. Crashed when trying to eat cheese.