Dredmor iPad Port Official Thread

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    Ugh, I get to be corporate robot. Here we go:

    This does not reflect the opinion of Gaslamp Games Inc. nor does it constitute any kind of announcement or even an announcement of intention to do anything at all. Seriously. Etc etc etc. Mecha-stomp on your hopes and dreams.

    As for the question at hand:
    Yes, Dredmor doesn't work with a touch interface. The UI would have to be redone. The UI code for Dredmor is weird (ie. not using any kind of standard or library) and it is brittle. It would be an absolutely non-trivial project.
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    And David will actually murder someone with a stylus at some point, which adds extra financial cost to the project.
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    Then again, you could invite someone who has an iPad and then have David murder that guy. Woot, a free iPad, only the stylus needs cleaning.
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