Dredmor iPad Port Official Thread

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Apr 2, 2012.

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    will all of the DLCs be available on launch?
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    Comfort? Ha! Real (wo)men sit on the floor, use their towers as their mousepads, and keep their monitors on top of end tables!

    For bonus points, make your end table be cheap plastic, sturdy enough that it's at no apparent risk of structural damage but flimsy enough that you can no longer open the top drawer.
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  3. Last I've heard the iPad port was put on hold because the guy who was working on it had to finish some stuff for CE. But that was more than two months ago.
    So, is he back to working on the port or is he still working on CE? If the latter, any ETA on when he will start working on the port again?
    Thanks in advance.
  4. SkyMuffin

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    I am posting for the tenth time just to say how completely excited I still am for this port.

    Also! If you guys can release a solid, stable build in time for the holiday season, there is a very sizable Roguelike gap in the appstore right now. It's an excellent time to jump in, as there is tons of interest in these games already.

    edit! I forgot to note: if you do release for Christmas, you should be aware of the one week iTunes Connect shutdown in December. This usually freezes the charts too. http://www.theappside.com/2012/11/09/apple-reveals-plans-for-app-stores-christmas-shutdown/
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    This game would be great on my nexus 7 any chance at an android port?

    Considering how big tablets are right now and how cheap they will be next year and how weak the gaming market is on them, you guys would be crazy not to port to that platform. Google is going to release a 99 dollar tablet next year.

    Also by next year even 7 inch tablets will probably even run your new game. Just something to consider. Its madness how fast and cheap they are getting.
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    I've got a moderately big Galaxy S II,it should have enough power to run a mobile port (right?),I mean,I can play those gory 3d zombie games
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    Moore's Law is lord :D
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    The Port or the thread?

    I had forgotten about this thread. Time flies when you have Dungeons of Dredmor to play. Seriously, it fills the gaps so nicely. Think if it was more portable...

    How has the port been coming? Hopefully an update about this too will come with the new road map :)
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    A thread.
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    You must be kidding me.
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  12. Nicholas

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    Ryan is still working on CE stuff, and hence not on Dredmor iPad. Once this changes, we'll let you know.​
    (He just did the dynamic music and networking stuff, and is now doing... er, community management tools, in-engine.)​
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    Dont forget about android!!

    Since this thread was created I've gone tablet crazy. I own a few, I got my wife one for Christmas, I got my dad one too.

    Did you know cheap apads (after being rooted and cleaned up) from China make great secret Santa gifts for people at work?

    Heck I just bought another one to play with tonight http://www.willgoo.com/jxd-s602-android-40-retro-handheld-multiplaying-4gb-p-275.html . I need help. But seriously these things are going to be everywhere 2 years. Decent ones will be $50, wait they already are in china. Dunno what apple will do when tablets that out spec an iPad 4 flood our shores for the price of going to the movies. Will anyone still pay $500 for an iPad 6?

    Sent from my nexus 7
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  14. Essence

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    At the rate the market is going, by the time the iOS version of DoD is ready, Android will be outselling iOS 2-to-1. :D
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  15. mining

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    This is why.
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    I know nothing about tablets, but how hard is it to root and clean up one of these chinese apads?
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  17. jhffmn

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    Pretty easy, some of the stuff out of there will be advertised as being pre-rooted. The trick is getting rid of all the bloatware and getting all the stuff China doesn't want its serfs to have access to starting with the Google play store.
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    Yeah, that's the same reason apple won the PC wars in the 90s. oh wait. developers will go where they people are. Windows machines differed greatly in the 90s and apple even had the lead in personal computing devices. History always repeats itself.
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    The main reason I'm excited about Dredmor on iPad is the massive reduction in gamer fatigue. I've been playing Baldur's Gate: EE on iPad in the past few days, and the touch interface cuts out TONS of repetitive motions like mousing to the edge of the screen to scroll, or having to lean in closer to see details.

    I'm still pretty young (22), but even I get gamer fatigue with long sessions of Dredmor. A touch interface would let me comfortably play Dredmor until I am a pile of dust.
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    I want an Android port! Oh wait, I don't even own a tablet :(
    But if I ever did, it wouldn't be an iPad and I'd still want Dredmor on it!
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