Dredmor confessions

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  1. OmniaNigrum

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    I do too. Bad Kronging? Nuke the game and reload to try again. :D
  2. Warlock

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    It's times like this I appreciate my good luck with Krong........ wait and watch, every item I start Kronging is going to go down the toilet pretty soon.
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  3. Tokubara

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    Well, that's cheating and cheating is a really bad thing. I should stop.
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  4. Turbo164

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    I've only Task Manager'd the game three times. Twice it autosaved and uploaded to Steam Cloud in the couple of seconds it took to do that. :(

    So I've gotten in the habit of manually copying my save folder every floor...

    (if you're curious, the attempted Tasks were from:
    1. Taking 86 ranged damage from a floor 9 Diggle Geologist (Task unsuccessful)
    2. Taking 120+ damage from the Psionic Sleep spell Reflecting off a floor 7 carrot (Task successful!)
    3. Dredmor taking 2 turns in a row, neither of which were Thor's (Task unsuccessful but I had the manual backup because of the previous two occurrences; the Carrot was actually the same character).

    If I die to a trap, getting surrounded in a zoo, trying to melee while at 50 health etc I let the character die, but the above I felt were not my fault.

    And add me to the packrat list :p
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  5. Kazeto

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    In rogue-likes it's always your fault, even if the only thing that could make it such was not sacrificing enough virgins for the Random Number God.

    And if anything, for as long as I'm alive I don't really care about such random things because I always have a renewable source of invisibility, teleport, and healing (yeah, I'm a "bag of thousand tricks" kind of player). But you might've felt it was something that shouldn't have happened, and that's your decision.
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  6. MasterShizzle

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    • I also have never beaten GRPD with a mage. Always a warrior or rogue.
    • I'm too scared to make a build without some kind of crafting, so even on random builds I click the "random" button until I get a crafting skill.
    • It's impossible for me to leave anything sitting on the floor. All items are either 'fisked or sold if they're not used or stashed.
    • Oh yeah, the stash: My last winner had over 20 of every Ingot by end-game, plus enough reagents to make just about one of everything in the Tinkering menu. Yet still, I hoard.
  7. Nothing, nothing in this game irritates me quite as much as dying to a misclick.

    Just -accidentally- clone levered myself yesterday, while trying to hit the monster adjacent to it.

    Still managed, using quick thinking, to root both clones (with the last two charges of that wand) and run to close the door, but one of the clones was -in- the door when it closed, then managed to come through and get me anyhow. /sigh
  8. Myrkabah

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    I really, really, really dislike having my equipment corrupted, so I opened the game files and set the amount of the corruption to equal 0.

    I'm a dirty, dirty cheater and I know it. :)
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  9. MasterShizzle

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    The only time I ever modified the xml was to tweak Lutefisk cubes to always give one fish per item. But the game was later patched to have just that behavior, so I felt justified. :)
  10. Vinculi

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    About 80% of my deaths are due to changing my skillbar hotkeys and nuking myself to death when I meant to heal myself or some such thing.
    I have never taken the Maces skill tree.
    I spend most of my time making "themed-builds" that run with an idea of a well rounded person instead of making something practical and as such never actually kill Dredmor.
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  11. OmniaNigrum

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    99% of my characters are named things that I cannot even mention here. I have a sick sense of humor. :p
  12. Urthdigger

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    I just name them all Tim. I get the feeling Tim's that kind of name that starts to get people looking at you funny in my world. Like if your parents had named you Chewtoy or Redshirt or something.
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  13. Warlock

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    Right after this, I found a crownstar addendum at the bottom of a floor 2 fountain in my no-wizardlands used run of heavy moddedness, which I used up on two floors' worth of anvils. None of which cursed it.

    Krong is a true bro.
  14. Warlock

    Warlock Member

    I name all my characters Dummy, Idiot, Moron, Buffoon, etc. in various incarnations of I, II, and so forth, except for Andhaira the adventurer, my prized crafter GRPD build from vanilla I'm using to explore wizardlands with.

    The irony really reigned supreme in my almost pure mage, Dummy I, who sort of wound up with more Sagacity and Savvy you can shake a stick at. He was also the second character I ever played, and beat DMPD to boot.
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  15. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I'm on Fax Celestis XLIV and Xochitl XXI
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  16. Warlock

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    what the christ. that's more than 3 times the number of characters I've played to conclusion.
  17. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    To be fair, only four Faxes and two Xochitls have killed Big D.
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