Dredmor 1.1.4 Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Nicholas, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Kaoschan

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    If you have 0 Skills at the start of the game and try to use scroll-wheel up the game CTD's
  2. Hello.
    I have been playing this masterpiece for roughly 1,300 hours, according to Steam. I am a huge fan of this style and humor..also losing IS fun. I would love to see Diggles actually dig. I have all expasions, and, I am curious as to if it's a bug or if I'm just killing them too quickly on level 1.
    Thank you, Gaslamp guys.
  3. Nicholas

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    Diggles on the starting floor don't. All other ones do.
  4. Kaoschan

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    Hardcrash inside a Wizardland.

    Music went silent, the background of the skill window disappeared and than the game crashed
    But the dumb is 0byte :/

    Link to twitch VoD coming when twitch has filed the stream.

    Vod with bookmark here
  5. Much obliged
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    Then you've fixed the xmls for the expansions?
  7. DiggleBro

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    On version 1.1.4 on Steam, I still have not been able to get "You Used All the Glue on Purpose" to unlock. This includes within the game itself as well as Steam achievements. But I've been using the main game and all expansions, no mods of any kind have been installed. I have been saving up a quantity of burnt-out wands, saving, repairing them then Alt+F4ing back to the title screen to test it, and this has worked for other counter-based achievements in the game. I went to 600 using this method with no progress-resetting crashes, and it still has not popped. One or two people on the Steam forums have stated the same. I can provide a copy of my save file if it would help, but I'm not sure if that information is even stored in a character's save data.

    I have always been curious though: why does this achievement have no progression counter, to show that any of the wand repairing is counting, when all the other achievements like this (eating diggle eggs, heroic vandalism, etc) do?
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    There seems to be something wrong with starting equipment. With dagger, shield, berserker, master of arms, perception, burglary, and tinkering, and I only get the starting equipment for daggers and tinkering. No armor or shield, leading to a quick death without lots of luck.

    Edit: Looks like you only get the starting armor and shield if you're primarily a Warrior.
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  9. DavidB1111

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    Er, I've been watching a person's videos on 1.14, and diggles dig up from the ground on floor 1.
    Sickly diggles do at least. Unless they're supposed to tunnel through walls, in which case, I haven't seen that in his video.

    Also, thank you for having the monster HP display now.
    Unless that's something that only happens with the combined skills of Beserker Rage, Dual-Wielding, Archaeology, Burglary, Smithing, Big Game Hunter, and Master of Arms , as this guy has. :p
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  10. Bohandas

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    speaking of diggles, I've been seeing some types of them appear on the wrong floors.
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  11. DavidB1111

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    That should happen normally. The game can generate monsters out of depth, or under depth in certain rooms.
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  12. FaxCelestis

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    This is not new behavior.
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    I have a visual issue. There's a shop with two entrances. I've opened one of them and partially discovered the room. It's one of those shop rooms with water inside. When I'm near the other (unopened) entrance to the shop, I can see the outline for the body of water (with no water) in squares that I have not yet "discovered".

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  14. Bohandas

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    What exactly is supposed to actually happen when the diggles dig?

    They don't appear to leave the square they dug into and dig under furniture to bypass it or anything sensible like that (or if they can then the AI needs a serious overhaul because I've just watched a diggle pop out of and dig back into the exact same square about seven times without doing anything).

    It doesn't in fact seem to accomplish anything except for slowing down the game with long-winded animations*.

    *Speaking of long-winded animations you NEED to make the projectiles from wall traps move faster! Waiting for the projectile from a distant trap to hit is worse than being killed by it.

    I'm talking way off level, like level 1 and 2 diggles showing up in the RotDG expansion levels (and in rooms where they didn't show up before)
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  15. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Diggles are special like that.
  16. darius404

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    I just had an issue. My game crashed, and when I used the autosave to reload, my entire inventory was empty. My character sheet was fine, but every item was erased in my bag was gone.
  17. DavidB1111

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    Is there a way to detect what makes a mod no longer work in this new version? Because More Dred item pack doesn't want to work now.
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  18. Kazeto

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    Well, if you know what to look for and have time to spend on looking at the mod's innards, yes, it is.

    Otherwise, nay.

    So it's a simple "if you know what to look for..." sort of thing.
  19. DavidB1111

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    Oh, Okay, well, sadly, I don't know how to do much with mods, other than play them.
  20. Cale Gibbard

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    I bought the game using the Humble Store, and it seems like the latest Linux version available through that is 1.1.3 as well.