Doom, the Roguelike

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    Sadly I cannot edit it in any way. I also have another post I tried to make there last month that is still "Pending". I have seen this before. I will abandon that site. (Turnabout is fair play.)

    Ah DoomRL. My last Shottymaster got to Hell and died on the first level in two turns. I had five large healthpacks and 187% health the turn before death. :)
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    A pretty solid article. Pretty much the only thing that I disagree with is controller vs. keyboard. While I love PC gaming over console gaming as a rule (with the exception of some of the classic, in depth console games mentioned in replies, such as the more oldschool Zelda games and RPG/tactics games like FFT, Tactics Ogre and the grievously omitted original Front Mission) I really do hate the games that feel like they have to use. Every. Single. Button. On the keyboard. I feel that simplicity and elegance is greater than strained complexity. A good designer can create depth without forcing a player to memorize a new meaning for the entire alphabet and change.

    10 buttons should be enough to do all the basic functions of a game.

    And, as my favorite design guru is fond of saying, restrictions breed creativity. There's a real possibility that by working within those limits you can actually create a more intuitive, fun to play game.
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    Since Geekmontage will not seem to approve my post there I may as well make a thread here for it.

    Strange that you say what you did Lorrelian. My article was about my new Xbox 360 Trackball controller.
    (Heresy according to my older post, but all things change. I even occasionally pull my head from my rear.)

    I have a few minor tasks to attend to, but I will make the thread and link it in here.