DoD Modding and Mod Installation Guide (Updated 6/5/2012)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Daynab, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Heh, yes, I am logged in as the user Chris. I haven't done very much at all yet, I was just trying to put in an item in to see if it works. The only file names I currently have in it are "mod"(.xml), "itemDB"(.xml), and a folder named "images" containing "icecream"(.png). The mod itself is titled "Hyperborean Cuisinier"- I'm not sure if that matters, but I just tested it without capitals to no success. Here's the content of the xmls, if it helps:
    <revision text="1.1.1"/>
    <author text="Jimmy Joe"/>
    <name text="Hyperborean Cuisinier"/>
    <description text="Write stuff about Ice Cream and shit"/>
    <info totalconversion="0"/>
    <require expansion="1"/>
    <require expansion="2"/>


    <item name="Ice Cream" iconFile="C:\Users\Chris\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\mods\Hyperborean Cuisinier\images\icecream.png" level="1">
    <price amount="90"/>
    <food hp="700" meat="1" />
    <description text="This is what happens when someone leaves the milk out during winter."/>

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    That simplifies the problem. It needs to have a relative path. You use C:\Users\Chris\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\mods\Hyperborean Cuisinier\images\icecream.png" when you should use "mods\Hyperborean Cuisinier\images\icecream.png" instead.

    Think about it. It is in a zip file. The path you specify is not where it should look for it.

    Likewise if the zip contains the mod name before the "mods" and "items" paths then it needs to be different. Here. I will show you what I mean.

    First a good example.
    Good Example.jpg

    Now a bad example. (Same exact content. The only difference is that the content is in a subdirectory now.)
    Bad Example.jpg

    See? Feel free to post your zip and I would love to take a look at it and see if anything else is a bit off.
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    Try the core abilities: from the main dredmor folder (where your dod.exe is) just go into game folder. Here there are skilldb.xml, where there are the skill trees themself: descriptions and level bonuses, like stats and abilities, and spelldb.xml, where those "abilities" are coded into things for the game. For expansion dbs, just go into the expansion folder you want, from the main dod folder. There will be the "game" folder for each exp folder, each containing its personal itemdb, skilldb, spelldb and whatsoever.
    Anyway, did you put the moddb and the itemdb into a subfolder named "mod"?
    :edit: ninja'd and I CANNOT BELIEVE I've just used the barrier maiden myself to refresh my memory about mod folders!
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    Woops, that's true, I did use the path improperly, but I put that in after I initially encountered the problem, and after fixing it still nothing is showing up in the mod loader. Here's the zip.

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    You didn't :D try this and lemme know if then it's working. I don't have steam logged in right now.
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    --> There will be the "game" folder for each exp folder,
    --> "game" folder

    Oh. OHHH. /headsmack


    Isn't it supposed to be "mods"? And I thought I did do that. As I mentioned in my original post, I put the files in C:\Users\Chris\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\mods.
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    Here. Several other little petty errors. But this is a solid building block to start out from. Mind the exact spelling of the directories. "mods" is not the same as "mod" and such. "images" cannot always work in place of "items". (I think you can change them out, but everyone does it the way it has been changed to in this one.

    *Edit* Ninja'ed to hell and back. I must be slowing down. :D

    It works at least. And we can discuss what was changed in depth if you like. But in general I suggest making a mod from an existing mod. That saves so many headaches you would not believe me if I spat out a number.
    *Edit* I screwed up... It spits out an error on load. Justasec. The fixed file is in the next post by now.
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    Oh, okay. I didn't realize that the .xmls were supposed to go in another mod folder of their own. That seems to solve the problem, leaving only my last question remaining; is it possible to have a skill create an object such as a barrel? Thanks for all the help.
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    Alright. Here it is finally fixed. After items it has the / instead of the \ we commonly use on a Windows system. That is how the path is supposed to be. It now actually works!

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    To make a barrel? You mean a stationary floor decoration? Or an item that can be picked up? Yes on both, but the second is much easier. As for making barrels spawn on the floor that are fixed, that is a whole other matter. Have you looked at Interior Dredmorating? Or examined the rooms.xml files?
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    Something like a barrel that can be broken; basically, it's an ability that puts down what is effectively a destructible wall. But on second thought, I'll probably come back to that one. Now that I think about it, it wouldn't really be balanced like that considering monsters can't break them. So, ignore that question. And again, thanks for the help.
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    I forgot to answer this: if you want to create a block, just look at how Unlinving Wall works for Golemancy skill tree, from the core game. It should be exactly like that, just with other sprites.
    No, it will create an unbreakable barrel ^^'
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    Ah, I forgot about that. I hadn't played the game in a while, and I couldn't think of an ability that created terrain like that. That's very helpful, actually.
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    Oh: Don't add 4096*2304 preview images in the publisher.

    Somehow, the validation stuff thinks spawnitematlocation doesn't exist.
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    How would one make a weapon a dagger? Would that be type="7"? Dredmod doesn't say anything about daggers.
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  16. Essence

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    that's correct, Collen
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    is there a way to increase steam mod loader? only support 99 mods and i need 117 xD(yes a play this a lot)

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  18. I have the mods in the C:\Documents and Settings\Not gonna show name\Desktop\dungeons of dredmor, but when I play it does not show the mods in the Dwarven mod launcher.
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    Read the very first post in this thread...
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    Hi guys , I'm new on the game , I became mad about the DOD and started to reading your messages , then I realized that I can use some awesome mods for the game , so I downloaded some , then I found out that you people are talking about some kind of mod launcher that is different from Steam workshop and DoD , I also did read the steam forum , BUT I I could not find the Launcher ! I am going to become crazy about that , would someone please tell me where can I download the mod manager or launcher ?