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    I've been designing a bunch of stuff for my upcoming D'n'D games, and I was wanting to try a Dredmore based dungeon crawl using the D'n'D mechanics, but I'm have some troble with the monster customisation. Can anyone help me.
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    Yes. What problems are you running into?

    Lots of us are familiar with such things and some few have even thought of what would be a good option for a DoD based *Insert other game here*. :)

    Are you running a pen and paper D&D, or making a module and other stuff for a CRPG of some sort?
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    I've been designing Dungeon s for D'n'D 4th edition, using the nentir vale setting at the back of the DM guide, so pen and paper.
    There's a mechanic for making random dungeons in the Dm guide, so I was going to make a mid lvl (9-15) dungeon crawl for practice and fun, using the DoD setting, but I'm having trouble the Mobs from dredmore into D'n'D monsters. I can do the more common place stuff like Zomby's, Dragons, Golems and demons and I got plans for a Dredmore (Larva Mage, with Lich Template) but I'm having trouble with everything else.
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    Sadly "Everything Else" is a bit vague.

    I suggest using common examples like if Diggles are problematic, use the example of Kobolds. Then if that does not seem right, modify it more towards what you want. Remember that nothing has to be perfect. It only has to be good enough for a game where magic and monsters and deities abound. That gives you loads of "Wiggle Room".
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    Everything else.

    How to class each monster, soldier, brute etc etc
    Damage types, probably the easiest part I can just use a mob list for that
    The random sidequests, and reward system.
    Modify Krom's upgrade system either boosting a stat by +1, a defense by +2 or adding 1[w] elemental damage.
    Maybe create an artifact or two out the best weapons (douls possible sword, Riftaxe; etc)
    Level, DC and class of each trap.
    Brax's shop should be fairly easy, give it a place on the d20 chart.
    Give each level a specific theme and elite boss (Level 1 diggles) (Level 3 Octoes) ( level 6 Carroties)
    and so on and so on

    Mostly I would welcome any reworked special weapons or monsters, their possible powers, and stats cause that'll probably be the second most time intensive part of this.