Do module repairs need to be a higher priority?

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by mailersmate, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. mailersmate

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    Just as the title says.

    For my money they do. I care more about being able to use resources (in modules) than collecting and storing them. Particularly aggravating when everyone decides to chop down trees (for example) and use the logs for everything except carpentry workbench repair, which is holding up 3 or 4 modules and buildings. I just need 1 log here guys!
  2. Tikigod

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    Not finding it a problem really. Though with current builds my overseer immigration growth is pretty crazy so I have more than enough individual workcrews to do everything in my colony all at once including repairs.
  3. Tikigod

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    Seems I spoke too soon.

    Day 30, 71 colonists, 19 workcrews, and within half a day all my cookers break down at the same time and no repairs under way. Ended up taking it as a sign to finally remove those stone cookers and replace them with fancy iron brick ones. :p
  4. Just a thought, have your work crews 'build' buttons re-set to not build? - if so that's the bug Nicholas is looking for.
  5. mailersmate

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    Not as far as I've ever observed. For me the workcrew list has seemed stable for a long time, although next time I do a long game I will keep an eye out.
  6. Nicholas

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    Fixed for Rev42. (Module repair priority was lower than everything else in the game.)
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    If I had been sitting in a room with you and you said that out loud, I'd have whiplash from turning my head so fast.