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  1. Fruit

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    First off, to whomever in Gaslamp Games that manually validated my account, thank you! I hope I wasn't too much of a bother. In return, I've made a Diggle for your own, non-exclusive, viewing pleasure!

    I'll be moving onto some more concrete and complicated crafts soon. I'm currently more excited about Clockwork Empires, hence any new crafts related to CK will be posted in the CK subforum.

    Anyhow, I'll might start making these Diggles in ceramics as well, this one was made in modelling paste and can therefor not be sent to the Gaslampian Headquarters, where it belongs.


    Thank you for reading and cheers!
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  2. Haldurson

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    It's always nice to see all the talent that this game seems to both attract and inspire 8).
  3. Fruit

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    Thank you, Haldurson! I must say, Gaslamp Games have a brilliant sense of aesthetics, game design but above all; a sense of individuality. Atleast to me, that's what's inspiring.

    ... Contrary to some of the recent AAA releases. The latest victim of Digital Identity Disorder would be the new Thief. Of course, it wasn't a bad game, I quite liked it, but a game doesn't have to be mechanically unique to have its own personality.

    I do apologize for the rant. Do tell if you have any suggestions for what I could make next, preferably in 3D.
  4. RadiantDash

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    Woohoo, another skilled person! [​IMG] I'm so excited to see more of your craft! Watched you at deviantArt (I'm TGOM at there) ;)
    And about ideas what you should do next - how about a blobby? They're easy to make, great for practice.
  5. Fruit

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    Thank you! I'll see about that after I've gotten to work on the Mechanized Steam Infantry Unit for Clockwork Empire's launch. Maybe it's a bit over ambitious though.
  6. Haldurson

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    Ambitious is good. To quote my best friend (someone who saved MY life), "The only people who never fail are those who never try". And you can't REALLY know what you are capable of, unless your reach exceeds your grasp.

    Some of the things I'm most proud of in my life, are those that I did just to prove to myself that I actually could do something that I had doubts about. Many of them were partial failures, but few were total failures unless I actually gave up. And I can be very tenacious and obsessive (it's both a blessing and a curse lol). And I still would wind up with something to point at to prove to myself that yes, I really could do that, and if I tried it again, I could do better.