Die2Nite, a cooperative zombie game

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    die2nite.com is a free browser game about surviving after the zombie apocalypse.
    What makes it a lot better than pretty much any browser game out there? It's cooperative and you play with strangers.
    The basic idea is:
    You are in a town with 39 other strangers. Every night, zombies come knocking and you need to survive as long as possible. For that, you go out into the World Beyond (that also has zombies), gather ressources and search for Blueprints.
    In town, you can sue the Blueprints to access new buildings and then erect them.
    As I said, you usually don't know the people you're playing with, so you need to coordinate through the forum or an external chat to be efficient. Death is inevitable, typically a round on the smaller maps will take a maximum of 10 days, often less. Once you die, everything you have is gone and you start anew with 39 new strangers :D
    You don't carry anything over into your next life, though achievements etc are permanent.
    There is always drama in town, people playing selfishly for distinctions, becoming violent because they disagree, people running of... Dramatic rescues minutes before the nightly attack...
    It's jolly good fun!
    It also has one of the best communities I know - we have an active chat where you can meet many of the "legends" in the game, there are a lot of community events and something is always happening :D
    It is also the only game I know where you can't assume that the player you are talking to is male, we have a lot of women on board! Actually the 3 best and most successful players are women, and they rock :)
    What else?
    Oh yeah, you can be very productive if you just log in 10 minutes a day. This is not idle talk, to get started you only need to log online, read the building plan and dump your AP into whatever is needed.
    You can obviously spend more time on it, but you don't have any advantage from powerplaying, which is a feature that I love.

    There is kind of a negative aspect to the game though: It is Pay-To-Win and overpriced. The pay-to-win doesn't get in your way though since it's cooperative and means your town survives longer if someone is paying. Cooperation wins the day anyway :)
    We are also on quakenet, just join #d2n. I'm usually around in the evening, if I'm not just talk to the people or drop my name.
    I do not gain anything if you start playing btw, referrals are deactivated.