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  1. IanExMachina

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    Just something to do for fun. :D

    Design a skill and the abilities you'd like it to have.
    My rough idea:

    Diggle Studies - 'It was either that or a Golf Course Management degree.'

    1st ability:
    Digglecious - Diggle eggs provide more turns of healing. +1 Savvy

    2nd Ability:
    Ain't sayin' you're a gold diggler - Midas Potion castable buff. 20 turn recharge

    3rd Ability:
    Diggle Dood! - You create some throwing bombs in the shape of a diggle. (Disgaea reference in flavour text.) +2 aim +1 Savvy 40turn recharge

    4th Ability:
    Eau D' iggle - You cover yourself in diggle pheromones causing confusion in the attackers. (Creates a confusion gas cloud around you on use.) Recovery time 20turns. +1 to sneak +1 Evade

    5th Ability.
    Can you diggle it? - Learning from the diggles you can target a wall next to your character and destroy it. Recharge time 50 tuns. +2 Burly +1 Savvy (Edit for Clarity, destroys walls in much the same way as the Golemancy skill or the WMD Crossbow bolt, but you have to be standing next to a wall to destroy it.)

    So anyone else have any ideas?
  2. RF

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    Fish Worshipper: Starts out with Horadric Lutefisk Cube, first skill is the ability to summon an eel, ultimate is the ability to pick what kind of item you want when you deposit lutefisk into a shrine (maybe "trust in the Lutefisk God" gives you an extra enchantment on it and randomly rolls it or something).
  3. drachenic

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    I was loving your diggle suggestions till the last one, maybe it is just because I don't understand it. The only walls in the game are the ones that keep you in the walking area and out of the black "void". What would be the use of destroying walls?
  4. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    Kind of like the last skill in the Golemancy tree?
    Or when you use a WMD crossbow bolt, they both destroy the walls so you can cut through the dungeons.
  5. TopHatCat

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    I'd probably do a skill tree like...
    Demolitionist, use explosives better, demolish a 1tile sized wall into next room, huge timed invisible explosives etc.
    or an Cyrokenisis/Frost skill tree, slows, frozen still, encase in ice, make bridges over water/gaps, Ice golems, firing frozen shards etc.
    Furry/Werewolf style skill tree, transform at timed intervals, sniff out enemies, we already have Vampirism so...

    I could easily start designing full skill tree's with details on each ability etc if anyone took an interest :p
  6. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    The fish worshipper one sounds like it would be a cool skill tree.
    If they started with the lutefisk cube you could make it so the spells would require a piece of lutefisk to use.


    Codpiece: Costs 1 lutefisk. Adds armour absorption and block chance, has 10 hits before the buff expires.
  7. Lord Blade

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    TOURISM - How to be the person they want and the one they want to get rid of, in one easy lesson

    1st Ability:
    Say Cheese! - Smile for the camera.
    Blinds enemies who are aware of you with your camera's flash. They get -75% chance to hit you for 5 turns. Enemies who hadn't noticed you now do. (20 turn recharge)
    +1 Caddishness

    2nd Ability:
    That was a great trip. - We all have those favorite vacations we wish we could take again. Well, now you can!
    Leaves a "postcard" on the floor (like a satanic teleport tile) where you're standing. Once you've stepped off it, it becomes active, and you can teleport randomly between any postcards you've placed on the level (they disappear when you change floors). Costs 25 Mana.

    3rd Ability:
    Souvenirs! - It's impossible to resist the urge to pick up a useless nicknack or twelve.
    Passive ability. You get 50% more artifacts generated in shops, however have to pay 10% more than usual to buy them.
    +2 Stubborness

    4th Ability:
    Oh, what does this do? - Don't push the red button! Just don't! You must resist! ... ah, go ahead.
    Passive ability. +2 Wand Use Affinity

    5th Ability:
    Wait, this isn't my room - Oops! Didn't mean to walk in on you coming out of the shower!
    Gives you a 25% chance of opening a locked door. Only triggers the first time you click on a door, if it doesn't work, you have to break it down (unless you have the Burglary skill, then you can pick the lock as normal). Does not require lockpicks.

    6th Ability:
    Fear my mighty shirt! - The greatest weapon at the Tourist's disposal... the Hawaiian shirt! It's bright and blinding designs are the bane of all.
    Active buff, sort of like the Flannel ability, gives a bunch of resists, and lasts 5 hits. Will keep recasting until manually canceled.
  8. Animation

    Animation Member

    1) Ironbelly ... Dont get sick from eating. 25% more effect from food. 10% more effect from vampirism corpse eating if applicable.
    2) Potable Hole (not a typo, btw) ... 25% more effect from drinking and potions. Can use stomach to make/mix, potions, storing the results in a consumable stack usable from the stomach in doses or that can be regurgitated into flasks on a per dose basis. Only one type of potion can be stored. Use it or puke it before making others.
    3) You Gonna Eat That?
    Eat any object. Destroys object but acts as food based on object quality rating (2x or 3x the rating used as normal food regen value).
    4) Fire In The Hole ... Eat an exploding throwable or coal to produce a line of fire similar to promethean entry level attack. Possibly usable at half strength with only coal and 1.5x strength if you eat the exploding throwable.
    5) Bada$$ Breath ... 2x3 rectangle poison damage attack in front of you. Maybe this should require you eat a poison gas grenade as a reagent or maybe drinking poison is optional but males it better. Also could scare nearby foes for 2 turns.
  9. Retloc20

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    There's gold in them thar hills!
    Helps you get more materials for crafting, much faster. Start with pickaxe weapon.

    1) Ores and Minerals are found in stacks of 2-3 at a time.
    2)Struck Gold!- Activated, 49 turn Midas Touch effect
    3)Pickaxe Frenzy-Activated, when using a pickaxe as a weapon, you can tunnel through walls. Lasts 20 seconds, recharge 100 seconds
    4)Not-So-Slim Pickins- Ores and Minerals drop in stacks of 5-6
    5)How I Mine For Fish?- Activated, for 49 turns every enemy drops Lutefisk at death.

    Man, I'd have killed to see this in the game.
  10. Retloc20

    Retloc20 Member

    Also would love to see a Warrior Training skill class to offset Magic Training, preferably to help starting stats and end-game damage so you can actually fight the bastards face-to-face.
    I wish I could work in a Weeaboo Fightan Magic class, but Viking Magic has all those skills covered already, buffs and whatnot.
    A Polymorphing class would be an excellent skill tree as well, to add something completely new to the game. Just lets you transform into various monsters from the game, so no new animations required outside of a recolored version of some monsters.
    Preferably it'd be 6 skills long to keep up with the game as monsters get tougher, and it'd be nice to have a Polymorph Other skill in there as well to randomly change enemy monsters... Can change an Archdiggle to a regular one, or maybe it'd turn it into a clone of Dredmor!
  11. RF

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    Stance Master
    (1) Get Your Stance On: Gives you a choice between the wolf, bear and eagle stances. Wolf increases your attack at the cost of absorption, bear increases absorption at the cost of dodge and eagle increases dodge at the cost of attack.
    Stances are permanently active buffs only dispelled by the player being stunned or knocked back and by the player deactivating them themselves. Only one stance can be active at a time and they take a standard turn to change.
    (2) As They Say, When in Stance...: When in a stance, you gain extra block and counter due to standing in a correct fighting position.
    (3) Two's Company: Pick your second stance from the ones missing above.
    (4) Stancetastic: Whenever you switch stances, your next (melee, maybe?) attack (no time limit on how long it takes for the player to attack, but this buff does not stack) will be an automatic crit.
    (5) Three's A Crowd: Get your final stance.
    (6) Stance Master: You can stance with the best of them. Increases the positives from the stance you're in.

    What do you all think?