Decent into the Dungeon (IC Thread)

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    Descent into the Dungeon!

    This is the official In Character thread for the Dungeons of Dredmor themed D&D 3.5 campaign. As soon as everyone currently playing checks in, we will begin!

    Player List(updated as people join)
    1. Essence(Checked in)
    2. sONoFhAPPYbUNNY(Character sheet)
    3. LonePaladin-Complete!
    4. Godwin(Checked in)
    I still need final character sheets from everybody.
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    Checking in. As I mentioned here, I'll upload the files once I'm finalized.
  3. Also checking in. Still working on my character sheet because I got sidetracked earlier. This time I'll actually finish it.
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    Checkin'in. Izheer.
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    Ok, everyone, still waiting on final sheets, but we can at least get started. The format is pretty simple. I will post the current environment and situation, and the results of any actions taken since my last post. You guys just respond as your characters. Two requests for formatting posts: First, please use "Quotes," for actual speech. It streamlines things. Second, Please bold or color change your Actions. Even just a word will help me not miss something. Until I manage to find out if there is a dice roller on the forum, post the relevant skill or attack bonuses, as well as damage if it is a weapon, and I will roll for you guys.

    An example post; I am playing Brian, and another member of the party, "Steve" is standing near.

    "Steve, shoot that Diggle in the doorway!" I swing my sword at the Diggle in front of me. +5 to hit. 1d8+3 damage.
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    To begin with, you have all just arrived at the town of Slemdal, in the Jevnakar Mountains. You have heard that there is a great evil imprisoned in a dungeon below this town, and you have journeyed from far to try your hand at defeating the dungeon. The only real tavern in town is called The Expensive Prayer. There are just over 3000 people in this town, and it is mostly human with a small smattering of the other races. There is a main street, lined with shops, leading to a square. Crafting seems to be the main industry in this town. There are a large number of other adventurers in the town, and the local graveyard is overflowing. You are all at the tavern, waiting till tomorrow to try and tackle the dungeon.

    At this point, describe yourselves.
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    Checking in... BUT, I haven't played the D&D system since DM-ing AD&D like 8 years ago. Basically: Don't remember much, need help setting up a character, and would like to get an update on the rules (or a link I can read up from). I have a fever now (been ill for a few days now, wish it would end!), so I apologize for being short in my message, and not finding it all out on my own but requesting help.
    But yeah, would love to play :)
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    Swig sat on a stool near the hearth, watching the various flavors of humanity stir themselves around the taproom like the peas in a simmering stew. His mug was half-filled with mead, and he was half-heartedly sipping at it when it occurred to him. Anything more than a sip tended to get the stuff caught up in his mustache, and he hated trying to clean it afterward. Better to not get it all messy in the first place.

    Maybe it was the lack of mechanical gadgets that led to people steering clear of him. Oh, sure, he had a crossbow lying under the stool; no self-respecting dwarf ever walked the streets of Slemdal without a crossbow. It was clear, though, that people would spot him in his little corner of the room, notice that he wasn't holding a toolbox, or an ingot press, or a portable smithy... and decide that they just didn't want to know. It was as if they assumed that a dwarf without tinkering tools wasn't really a dwarf. They somehow missed the plastic bands in his beard, and the foam-rubber crocs on his feet.

    Their loss, he reasoned. They want a dwarf to fit their mental image, they were more than welcome. Just as long as they didn't come crying to him when an IED went off and sent silverware flying through their livers.
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    Godwin, I can help with the character creation, just private me some ideas of what you would like to play. As for the rules, I have a great reference pdf if you would like to flip through it.

    Very good intro LP. Be sure to get me a stat block and a list of equipment whenever you can.
  10. Hort stood near the entrance of the bar, a solid 3 feet tall, overshadowing the shoes of people passing by. His mithral chain shirt shined brilliantly under his brown pleather vest, which complimented his brown eyes and hair quite nicely. Hort didn't bother to try hiding the Rapier he kept on his belt or the crossbow he had strapped on his back. With so many adventurers around there was no reason to.

    Hort walked up to the counter of the bar, climbed up one of the many tall stools, and ordered a reasonably sized piece of havarti cheese. It had been a few days since he had tasted any food. He had no need to eat thanks to the ring he had purchased before taking his journey to Slemdal. Seemingly out of no where Hort pulled out an incredibly sharp, completely black, cold iron dagger and began using it to cut slices of the cheese that he popped into his mouth.

    Hort remained on the bar stool, enjoying his delicious cheese. Wondering where his adventures would take him to next.
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    Still need description/opening posts from Essence and Godwin.
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    As he walked through the small, crowded and curving streets in Slemdal, Dragore derived a small pleasure from seeing the people go out of their way to make room for him to pass.
    It was not that he was so large, being of typical height for his species, slightly smaller than a typical human. It weren't his clothes either. Black leather boots, black studded leather pants, just visible beneath a black robe. Nothing the people of this little town hadn't seen before.
    Maybe it was his long pure white hair and his dark grey skin, suggesting him to be a drow? Sure, there were lots of adventureres here, and quite some non-humans, but a drow was pretty rare, and it wouldn't surprise him if they had never yet seen one before. Reputation would do the rest.
    It could just as well be the big scythe he carried in his right hand, making him look like a Deth striding into town.

    But no, Dragore was pretty sure it was mostly due to the air with which he carried himself: He strode directly ahead with an uncompromising attitude, eyes focussed hard at his target ahead. "The Expensive Prayer.", he tasted the words in his mouth. They tasted of the kind of silly small-town folk tales you have in such places as this.

    He opened the door of the tavern and walked in. The room suddenly got a lot quieter. He quickly selected a free spot at a table in a corner and briskly walked towards it. As anticipated the few others sitting at that table 'politely' made room for him and went to the other side of the establishment.
    A serving wench came up to him, she was the middle-aged-always-in-a-sour-mood type and seemed to be immune to his awkward presence. Good.
    "Whaddaya want mister?"
    -"A plate, for my Lil' Batty.", and while he said that his left hand came out from under his robe, holding the still warm and bloodied body of a Lil' Batty.
    She swallowed hard but regained some of her composure, "Want a knife and fork with that?"
    -"Just a knife thank you, I will not be eating this."

    And with that, the patrons started to breathe again and gradually turned back to their own thoughts.
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    Well done. Just waiting on one more. I will take this time to tell you all that we will be using both monsters from DoD and D&D. As soon as I get an updated Equipment list from Essence and he posts his description, we can REALLY begin.
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    Sorry, guys, I'm out-of-town for Halloween weekend, and I don't have my books. I forgot that the bloody SRD doesn't have wealth-per-level charts on it. Can someone post or PM the gold amounts?

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    It's 20,000.
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    That's not normal, but it is what I gave you.
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    Berz the Irked was upset. Not in the transient kind of way, but in the permanent kind of way that makes you stop and question what your definition of "is" is. Ser more than estar. That wouldn't normally be much of a problem for people and innocent inanimate objects except that Berz also happened to be six foot five, weigh in slightly more than a well-built Yeti, and have body hair in places that most people didn't have body.

    Also, a two-hand axe. Which is to say, an axe that came with two other people's hands still attached. Berz liked them. They were small and withered and stuck to the axe handle with God-only-knows what kind of undead munge, but they fit nicely into the palms of his own hands and gave him a good grip on his axe. And when it was strapped to his massive shoulder blades, the hands hung out over his shoulder like filthy reminders of what, exactly, Berz could do when he was mad. Which was always.

    Berz was watching a Dwarf eat cheese off of a cute little black pokey. It was the funniest thing he'd seen in a long time, because the Dwarf had to go to such lengths to keep the squishy cheese out of his facial hair. Berz smiled.

    He knew, somehow, that it would be the last smile he would smile for a long, long time.
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    The room grows silent as an old crone walks in the door. She is bent over, and carrying a small box. She surveys the room, and seems to pick a table and begins to walk toward it. There are 3 humans seated at the table, and as soon as it is clear that she is going to that table, they hurriedly get up and move away from her. She sits, and almost instantly the serving girl is there with a pitcher of beer and an enormous piece of meat. The old woman opens the box, and pulls out a deck of cards, and a folded sign. She spreads the cards on the table, and sets up the sign. "Fortune Teller" is what it says. She looks pointedly at a few people around the room, mostly at the adventurers.

    She croaks out,"Ok, who first?"
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    Swig pauses, his mug halfway done with its trip back to his face. Seriously? A fortune teller? What next, some nutjob with one of those boards and a little plastic arrow? He'd tried that once, until he figured out the guy who'd brought the thing was a psi, and was using his brain to push the arrow around. A couple words with the constable, and the shmuck was literally pushing it around with his brain.

    He glances around the room to make sure no one was paying him any particular attention, then mutters a simple spell under his breath — some real divination. A supernatural mist forms in his vision, gradually condensing around a few objects on some of the adventurers, and on one or two of their bodies. Nothing special, and nothing unexpected there. And not a trace of the stuff on the old lady, or her cards.

    No magic, then. Well, as long as she didn't start asking for coin, or trying to turn it into gambling, why not?

    Getting up from his stool, Swig snags his crossbow from under it. Not going to leave this behind. He stumps up to the table, and sets his mug on it heavily. "Me. Wotcher got, hey?"

    [OOC: Casting detect magic.]