BETA 53A Dealing with clear and present dangers

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    In my latest colony, I landed on the edge between a wide, sweeping savanna and densely forested hills. Immediately southwest of my spawning position, there were multiple rich nodes of rhyolite, hematite, native gold and sulphur. Nestled in-between these bounties were edifices of dark stone that squirmed in the shadows like eldritch land mines. This wasn't my first tangle with REDACTED, so I knew what would happen if I sent an extraction team to recover the minerals.

    Thinking back, was the placement of the REDACTED intentional? Did they plant themselves there to lure in supple flesh and fertile minds? I suppose it ultimately doesn't matter (aside from me having words with the people responsible for this), because I had a heartless plan.

    Step 1: Send the naturalist to determine the extent of the potential gain of the mine.

    Step 2: Construct additional housing near the mine and stock it with unfortunates.

    Step 3: Form new immigrants into mining squad, assign all other overseers to workshops, and send the miners to dig.

    Step 4: Send redcoats to clean up.

    I realize that this is shocking behavior by many standards, but you can't make brass cogs without sending lots of ore into the purifying fire of eldritch might.

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  2. Nicholas

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    Well, did it work?
  3. OddProphet

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    Beautifully. The extraction team was destroyed, and the redcoats died almost to a man, but their successors would be armed with Leyden pistols thanks to the ore and coke recovered from the surface nodes. The gold went to build an altar for the chapel.
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    The best possible outcome! Promotions for everyone who lived!
  5. OddProphet

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    Sort of. The NCO turned into a collaborator for the fishmen, offering tender flesh and fertile minds to its seaborne masters. Sort of a promotion.
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  6. Alavaria

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    Are they that useful, I'd always go for the jazeil rifles before but logistically now carbines should be an excellent option.
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    They set opponents on fire, which is good enough.
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    Yeah, they are useful for DoT damage and crowd control. I usually have one team of Leyden pistol wielders, with the rest being carbine users for straight up damage.