Day-To-Day Work Logs and Woot! Engine Stuff!

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    I read the whole development log...and i suddenly feel i must be a nerd for finding it all fantastic to read. In general, it kinda makes me interested in how hard it must be to get someone to have a memory and such of a event and then that effect things later on down the line. Tis a deep, deep, deep hole of programming where it all effects everything else. (Also, im new but i just spent 6 months reading the forums and never signed up. -_- sorry)
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  2. Can we still expect weekly wednesday blog posts when early access starts or should we expect more and or less frequent blog posts containing changelog's for new builds and such
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    Yes, we will still be doing weekly blogposts.
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    Bought. But it's long-established that I like the idea of coming home from a day of debugging at the office to a night of debugging at home. :)
  5. Purchased! I'm excited to see what horrors await!
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    I can assure you that these dreams are attainable.
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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

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    So, are we getting saved games soon? You guys said this week and it's already wensday and there's still no news on saved games. It's really hard to play and report thing when you have to start over each time.
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    This is Earliest Access. If you don't want to play the game in its current state, you should probably wait until they announce that save games are A Thing Now. I find it a bit difficult to play without savegames as well, but I'm not participating in this part of the program to have things "easy." This is the part about finding and quashing bugs, UI problems and other Horrible Things. It's fun! :D
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    Now that some more critical bugs have been quashed, 100% of my efforts is on save games. There was a truly annoying limitation with 32-bit Windows that I had to work around that slowed things down ('ironically', this was a feature that worked fine in OS X first). The amount and variety of data involved in a complex simulation like CE is vast and I want to move very, very carefully as bugs at this level can be maddeningly crazy to track down and very few things are as disappointing as corrupted or incorrect saves (that being said, there *will* be bugs and we'll ask for your patience and stalwart courage to help us obliterate them).

    So, they're top priority and on the home stretch. Thanks for your interest!

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

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    May be that I can't follow all of it, but I love that it is provided. It is great to get a glimpse of such effort and skill.
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    Awesome! And thank you for announcing this.
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    All hail the Exciting Bullet Crates!!
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    Early supporter, stalker, and fan of this game! I am going nuts with these bugs and crashes...... then I reload the game and play again.
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    Does ammunition mean that there will be a damage rebalance with the current weapons? It takes like 10 shots to kill a fishperson right now, and they invade pretty often. I can't imagine defending my colony when a dozen fishpeople flop out of the lake towards 3-4 soldiers.
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    I saw an ammo box in my stockpile (rev31b) but my soldiers never seem to run out of ammo