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    My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20 which I got while I was home on break from college., While my dad would say similar things, and give me a hard time, I found out much later that he was actually happy that I was into computers because he saw it as the future. As I said, he'd never say something like that to my face though, at least until many years later.
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    Mine was "Stop playing that Spiderman Game!" while playing this
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    ...after seeing that URL I had to fire up No Regret, in mourning for the true Origin.
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    Shush! If you talk too loud someone will get some idoitic idea to 'reboot' the game as some kind of nonsensical FPS.
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    Seeing those module access points was initially interpreted by my mind as "place cultist must stand while shoving fellow citizen into module's operant parts", because the sacrifice to Quag'garoth that gets written off as an accident is the one that doesn't subject the cult to inquisition.

    (Or more mundanely, place where one citizen with a grudge can dispose of another.)
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    So it was fun answering Loerwyn's request on that blog post the other week -- anyone else got any requests for blog post subjects?

    I'll note that of course you want to hear about the game and all the cool stuff you can do in it, but features are generally "in the oven" so our answers would be "we have this neat design" and "it's kinda buggy" and we don't want to take pictures anyway due to visual glitches and that isn't terribly satisfying I think. Questions about the process of making the game are really good as that's what we're up to our necks in.

    Otherwise I'll be forced to talk about the intricacies of timing animation with game object script calls. Or more bizarre literary experiments!
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    I'd also like a Dredmor retrospective, a post-mortem if you will, in which you just give a brief history and just explain like how it brought GLG to Clockwork Empires and how lessons you learned from it or ideas or things will manifest themselves.

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  9. I remember the old blog posts about steampunk Colorado, those were always fun to read. I was thinking it might be cool to have a look at one of the other biomes that have been made since then, maybe talk about the research and creative process behind developing and creating a biome for the game. There could also be talk of the flora and fauna of those biomes if some of them are ready to be shown.
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    More biomes for the biome gods ! especially if those biomes contain larva fields.
    I also like Loerwyn ideas :)
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    I think it would be nice to actually hear (well, read) about the bizarre experiments, and possibly about weird ideas that happened to find themselves their own place in the game as it is now and about why they happened to be included in those cases. It's nothing very major, but stories of this sort usually are entertaining for the readers (and linking “entertainment” to “Clockwork Empires” is probably something you want).
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    This sounds interesting, I'd like to read this!
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    I would like an update on the state of the military and how squads will work. Also if there will be entranchments.
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    Do a blog on some of the visual glitches in the game, because the various bugs you guys describe on twitter have made me curious.
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    I went with animation timing. Sorry.

    (My honest opinion is that it is Too Soon to do a proper Dredmor postmortem.)

    Biomes are cool and we've got a lot of neat assets but we need Daniel to fiddle with the fundamentals a bit before it's actually interesting to show more. (Plus, there's a sense of discovery and all that 'eh, always difficult to know how much to talk about when it comes to specific things in the game that players will discover. I suppose we could just not give all the details. Which we don't. And things change ... ... I need to write the email sendout, carry on.)
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    If you want to make things even more mysterious and add to that sense of discovery, after the game is out and people think they've found all the biomes add more biomes in a secret during a patch and not mention it in the patch notes.
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  17. Ah yes the "lost world" patch
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    Excellent Work Log.
    I am always amazed at the amount of information that the characters have going on underneath the hood with messaging and animation. I know nothing of computers, but I always wonder when all that stuff is talking to eachother, how much it might bog down the system.

    Suggestion for the next blog post:

    Some more landscape follow up showing terrain types we haven't seen yet.
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    This is actually a good idea that a lot more games should do with all sort of things, not just biomes.
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    The caveat is, of course, that you have to balance "more mysterious sense of discovery" with "hey our game has cool new stuff, please buy it."

    Given that the associated wiki for a game will have full disclosure in 37 minutes at the outside, I wonder if it ever makes economic sense.
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