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  1. Rhadamante

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    I just got a terrible idea. Terrible for my workload and because it involves all of this :

    Since I'm pretty sure we can't give several attack animations to a single monster, why not create 3 Daggle minibosses (don't want to run into one of these too often) each with its own attack animation (and corresponding stats, as I'm guessing vomit and hand slap don't do the same kind of damage) ?

    It involves the Daggle so whatever it is, it will be gross.
  2. Ruigi

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    Oooh i know!

    the on death animation can cast a spell effect.

    if you are adjacent to the daggle when you kill it, the daggle falls over and crushes you, this deals crushing/asphyx damage.

    So the death animation can be the "body press".
  3. Vitellozzo

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    It could cast, so you can add a total of three attacks (if it will have the on death trigger ruigi suggested). Attack animation for the slap dealing :dmg_crushing: (and :dmg_blast:, maybe?), casting animation for a spell like ability of sweet :dmg_toxic: and :dmg_acidic: (or maybe even :dmg_transmutative:? since, you know, we transform food), and the death on trigger attack for :dmg_aphyxiative: and :dmg_crushing:/:dmg_blast:.
    So everyone is happy, and the Daggle can make "fun" of all of us.
    Btw, Rhadamante, I cannot see your (supposed) animation sprite you posted.
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  4. Phillybear

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    Being hit by the Daggle should proc the 'Burning Eyes' debuff (4 :dmg_conflagratory: and -1 :sight:) (The horror! Make it stahp!)
  5. Rhadamante

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    Thus reducing the amount of animations I'll have to painfully create. Genius. On the back or on the stomach, any preferences ?

    I really want to make it vomit AND lay an egg (to stay true to the abominations Ruigi posted). And with his idea we'll only need 2 monsters now.

    Even the interwebz want it to disappear. XD
    Here :
  6. OmniaNigrum

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    I consider this thread a diet aid. :D
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  7. Kazeto

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    I think on the stomach would be more gross, so yeah...
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  8. OmniaNigrum

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    The obvious Thrusty Daggle would be a miniboss with extraordinary :dmg_putrefying:.
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  9. Phillybear

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    Stomach. So it can still hump you once or twice while dying.
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  10. Glazed

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    You're welcome for the pixelization.
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    Thanks. I can feel the calories preparing to evacuate via my esophagus... :D
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    why do i keep checking this topic what the hell is wrong with me
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    WHY AM I?
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    It's probably the Alerts system. Just unwatch this thread.
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  16. SkyMuffin

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    :dmg_existential: crisis due to daggles
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  17. Arron Syaoran

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    Daggles should also have negative :resist_existential: resistance. So they deal damage that they're weak against.
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  18. SkyMuffin

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    i demand more daggle fanart
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  19. Createx

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    Yeah, we need more daggles for Clockwork Empires.
    "Your digging crew has unearthed a daggle agg. The foreman, Blacktooth Hampsheeps, decided to elevate his position by breeding out the agg and presenting the hatched animal to you, the Most Highly Praised Colonial Ruler Aye Brauws.
    Unfortunately, it did hatch. Your colony now houses a daggle. The daggle has been laying aggs for a week, while Blacktooth Hampsheeps is nowhere to be seen. Your colony is doing just fine!"
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    Me after viewing this thread:

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