BETA 53A Cultist Gang Warfare: Intentional or Emergent?

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    I recently made a post about wanting to expand the abilities of the Foreign Office. This post was made with the intention of revealing and destroying every last member of a cult dedicated to Terrible Transformations into fishmen. I took exception to the fishmen taking our best and brightest and whisking them away to Atlantis or Rapture or Dagon's Crab Shack or wherever fishmen go to party hard, but the problem of purging our fine colony of nascent fishmen was solved by something much less...discriminate.

    I had mentioned that my military staff, my science team, and roughly half my colony were all dedicated to pisciphilia. It turns out that the other half of the roughly 40-strong colony
    (with the pointed exception of the local vicar, who derived an odd glee from performing last rites for the dozens of Novorus soldiers and bandits murdered by Leyden weaponry) were dedicated to another cult entirely, devoted to what I assume to be REDACTED. There was an issue with selecting an option for dealing with the growing cult during an autosave, and I had ran out of time. My course of Decisive Inaction led directly to the summoning of Big Poppa REDACTED, who in turn murdered 20 colonists and ran/floated/slithered off into the sunset. Though I would never again hear news of "fishy looks" or beckoning of the sea, my next two immigration waves died almost immediately to additional summonings of Big Poppa REDACTED.

    Did the cult of the REDACTED specifically target the fishmen for destruction like a rival gang? Moreover, what can be done with what I suspect to be the source of all this trouble: a grimoire and a tenebrous stone disk? Are the two related, like an instruction manual for some devilish version of Windows 1898?
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