Windows XP CTD on loading games

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Vitellozzo, Dec 8, 2013.

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    As title says, I crash to desktop every time I try to load a save game.
    Since the start of this, it passed a week, in which I tried changing mods in mods folder. So every time I thought that this could cause the issue.
    Today, instead, I didn't touch anything, and my new game is just CTD every time (it was working just right before I saved it and loaded it). I just tried making another character, just to test this, and ctd even with an empty save game, in the starting area.
    This crashing instability seems to have growed since 1.14 patch, when I've started to see many CTD even when I just hit Start Game on the loader or New Game in the main menu.
    I use lots of mods. Here's the list.
    I hate when this happens.

    :edit: without mods no crash happens.

    Nicholas, I choose you!

    :re-edit: modders, please put your mods into a omni-comprensive mod pack of awesomeness, instead of doing so much good work and to put every different mod in a different locked treasure chest. This could help with compatibility between lots of mods.
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    ... that is a lot of mods.

    *drinks heavily*
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    Many of those are just one skill mod. So my question is: do many small mods cause more problem than less bigger mods?
    Because I'm heavily putting lots of mods together, to fix my problem.

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