Windows Vista/7 64-bit Crushing Resist doesn't take effect

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    I entered Level 7 and was hit by a Snow Baal for 9 :dmg_crushing: with 16 :armor_asorb: and 2 :resist_crushing:.
    I applied a Gaga's Glaze to my helmet and armor (for 4 :resist_crushing:) for a total of 6 :resist_crushing:.
    I got hit again by one and it still did 9 :dmg_crushing: to me.
    I checked by taking off my helmet which was giving 2 :resist_crushing: and 1 :armor_asorb:, and it did 10 :dmg_crushing:.
    Whassup wit dat?
    Also to note, I have no mods installed.

    Edit: It seems no :resist_crushing: is being applied from any source. I went back to level 1 and took off all gear and was taking 2 :dmg_crushing: from Gnomes. I equipped the Helm of Threepwood (1:resist_crushing:1:armor_asorb:) and was taking 1 :dmg_crushing: from the Gnome.
    Edit 2: Through more tests, I found out :resist_slashing: isn't taking effect either (and shamefully killed my 20+ hrs run in the process T-T). If I had to guess, the bug is effecting :resist_blast: as well, the three mundane damage types.

    Edit 3: On a new run, I equipped the Little Red Cookbook for 1:resist_slashing: which seemed to take effect, but continued to give the :resist_slashing: after I unequipped it and the resistance did not show in the resistance bar. Somethings seems a little fucky with my game.
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