Crash on final level moded custom skill + Other bugs

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by kitmehsu, Dec 17, 2011.

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    I've been working on a custom skill set, and I have figured out some parts of the nature of the crash on learning a final skill. It apears to be linked to the ID that you give the skill.

    On my copy, prior to installing the DLC, I had to make sure that the ID came close after the last ID used by the actual game. After the DLC was installed, I tryed testing out the mod and few others, only to find that A) the installed mod pack crashed at max level, while mine did not (Said modpack had an ID of 900-ish for it's skills) and B) that my skill instead gave stuff from the hunter tree (my Skill used ID 34 at the time).

    Afterwards, I did some expermination, discovering that 34 was already used by hunter, hence the wrong skill effects being awarded, and that the only ID values that were not causing a crash was 41 and 42.

    Here is the WIP skill data i was using when I tested the different IDs
    <skill name="Gamblnaught" id="41" type="rogue" description="You are trained in the lost gamblnaught warrior methods of relying upon luck instead of skill.  No one knows why it's lost, most likely a bad coinflip.">
            <art icon="skills/skill_placeholder.png"/>
        <ability name="Gamblenaught" icon="skills/skill_placeholder.png" skill="41" startSkill="1">
            <description text="You gamble for amazing power"/>
            <ability name="Lucky Penny" icon="skills/skill_gambler0_64.png" skill="41" level="0">
                <targetHitEffectBuff percentage="10" name="Lucky Penny" />
                <secondarybuff id="12" amount="1" />
                <secondarybuff id="4" amount="1" />
                <description text="You find penny's full of luck wherever you go.Discalimer: Penny's have no cash value, offer invalid in antartica."/>
            <ability name="Blind Luck" icon="skills/skill_gambler1_64.png" skill="41" level="1">
                <spell name="Blind Luck"/>
                <secondarybuff id="12" amount="1" />
                <primarybuff id="5" amount="1" />
                <description text="By fighting with your eyes covered, you can get some amazing finds.  Maybe why the gamblenaughts aren't around anymore"/>
            <ability name="Natural 20" icon="skills/skill_gambler3_64.png" skill="41" level="3">
                <targetHitEffectBuff percentage="5" name="Loaded dice" />
                <playerHitEffectBuff percentage="5" name="Loaded dice" />
                <secondarybuff id="12" amount="1" />
                <primarybuff id="5" amount="1" />
                <description text="You can roll a series of perfect rolls, never failing untill the gamemaster grows wise to your dice"/>
            <ability name="Lucky Magnet" icon="skills/skill_gambler4_64.png" skill="41" level="2">
                <spell name="Lucky Magnet"/>
                <secondarybuff id="4" amount="1" />
                <secondarybuff id="12" amount="4" />
                <description text="You have a magnetized lucky horseshoe, allowing your to attract the more ferrous based luck from your enemies"/>
            <ability name="Singularity of Luck" icon="skills/skill_gambler2_64.png" skill="41" level="4">
                <spell name="Singularity of Luck" />
                <secondarybuff id="12" amount="4" />
                <secondarybuff id="4" amount="2" />
                <primarybuff id="5" amount="2" />
                <description text="The luck you have gather reached critical mass, overwriting your very DNA with four leaf clovers, horse shoes, and Rabits feet"/>
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    The crashing on last modded in skill bug is known and will presumably be fixed.