Crafted Emerald Amulet Exploit

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Arron Syaoran, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    I found out that if you use the smithing recipe to craft 2 emerald amulets, not only do they stack, but the enchants on the amulets can be scummed until you get the stats you want by dropping the amulet on the other and alt-clicking it and placing it somewhere else in your inventory. This only works with Amulets AFAIK, because they come with enchants AND they stack. I don't know if they sometimes don't stack. The trick is to craft both amulets at the same time.
  2. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    sigh. <bump>
  3. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Most crafts stack.

    Yes, it is a known problem.

    Yes, they are working on it.
  4. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    We know about this bug. Non-consumables shouldn't stack at all, ideally.
  5. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    Are bolts/thrown considered consumables? (I always thought consumables were ingestable stuff)
  6. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Well, yeah. You use them one by one, so it's kind of like a consumable as opposed to equipment. I should've specided non-consumables and crafting materials, though.
  7. Kaidelong

    Kaidelong Member

    Also no bolts or throwns have artifact qualities of their own so the only use for the exploit for them would be getting rid of krong curses (wands, on the other hand...)
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  8. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    None of those are equiped, including wands... so even if you did get artifacted ones, it wouldn't actually do anything, at all.

    And perhaps expendable is a better word than consumable in this case, although consumable is correct as well, it also has other meanings that can get in the way here.
  9. Kaidelong

    Kaidelong Member

    You sure? Ammunition does have one working statistic - damage. Ammunition can also be krong'd
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  10. Mr_Strange

    Mr_Strange Member

    You can do the same thing by crafting multiples of the same weapon, as well. Very odd, since weapons don't normally stack...
  11. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    Kronging bolts work? I thought that just wastes a Krong anvil. Then again, I haven't Kronged ammo in a very long time. And I guess my shampoo is considered consumable/expendable, seeing how I tend to run out every month.