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  1. Blind Piper

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    Unleash your inner (and outer) coolness and its related Hyperborean perks!

    I have emerged from my impenetrable cocoon of lurking as a beautiful modding butterfly! As there is no skill for Hyperborean damage, I was begun tinkering with a Wizard skill tree to remedy this problem.

    Installation Notes: Cooliomancy is listed as skill number 555.

    Disclaimer: I have skimmed through the mods in the forum and I didn't find any with a Hyperborean theme. I didn't look closely enough to ensure that my skill concepts are new and original, so if I'm stepping on anyone's toes, please let me know.

    Some people are just born cooler than others. Some people gain magical powers from their excessive levels of coolness. You are one of those people.

    Level One: Icy Stare
    With your stylish ways, you can pass judgment over those less cool than you, dealing Hyperborean damage and halting their movement.
    8 :mana: base, 4 :mana: minimum
    6 :dmg_hyperborean: + (0.25 x :magic_power:) :dmg_hyperborean:
    Inflicts Lockdown for one round, preventing movement. Multiple hits stack.
    Note: In the mod's spellDB.xml, it inflicts Lockdown for two rounds. In testing, one round had no effect, while two rounds produces the desired result. The only problem is striking the same monster multiple times, which goes from a one turn duration to a three turn duration.

    Level Two: Hyperboring
    By flaunting your excessive amounts of cool, you can force uncool adversaries into a pessimistic stupor. As your confidence grows, so does your mana.
    1 :resist_hyperborean:
    13 Turn Cooldown
    Inflicts Sleep on a single target
    Caster heals 5 :mana: + (0.25 x :magic_power:) :mana:
    Note: You may flaunt your coolness even if no monsters are around to witness its effects, recovering mana without harming any innocents. Y'know, if you're into that sort of thing.

    Level Three: Cold as Ice
    You're willing to sacrifice the health of the less cool population, pushing them away to keep your personal space.
    1 :resist_hyperborean:
    12 :mana: base, 5 :mana: minimum
    6 :dmg_hyperborean: + (0.20 x :magic_power:) :dmg_hyperborean:
    Inflicts Knockback
    Cold as Ice targets three squares, centered on an adjacent square.

    Level Four: On Frostbitten Wings
    Rules are made to be broken, especially be cool and attractive people. This includes, but is not limited to, adjusting your position to stand in a nicer spot three paces to the side.
    1 :resist_hyperborean:
    12 :mana: base, 6 :mana: minimum
    Teleports three squares away along a vertical or horizontal line.
    5 :dmg_hyperborean: + (0.20 x :magic_power:) :dmg_hyperborean: to each square between your starting and ending position.

    Level Five: Something Literally Cool
    Sometimes you feel generous and you want to share the coolness. Nothing says sharing like a maelstrom of pain, reducing melee damage and accuracy.
    1 :resist_hyperborean:
    16 :mana: base, 8 :mana: minimum
    7 :dmg_hyperborean: + (0.35 x :magic_power:) :dmg_hyperborean:
    Inflicts debuff: -3 :melee_power:, -3 :edr: for 10 turns.
    Spell persists on location for 8 turns.
    Note: Something Literally Cool is a Hyperborean version of Gog's Tactical Pyre, replacing the burning damage with a damage and accuracy debuff. It deals less damage, costs more mana, and has a shorter duration. Yes, that's worse on all accounts, but we're comparing it to Promethean Magic.

    Level Six: Cold Shoulder
    You have ascended to near-Fonzie levels of coolness. You may now channel history's coolest people to encase yourself in icy walls, blocking off the uncool masses.
    1 :resist_hyperborean:
    25 :mana: base, 18 :mana: minimum
    Summons a wall in each of the eight adjacent squares for 20 turns.

    Congratulations! You are among the coolest people of all time!

    Looking for feedback. Mana costs are somewhat arbitrary at this point and damage is based off of spells of similar levels.

    Changelog: 1.0.2: Nerfed Something Literally Cool (damage, duration, mana cost and scaling rate), added custom sprites for Cold Shoulder.

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  2. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    With Hyperboring, you can just make it trigger a targeted spell on the target after 1 turn (which means that it can't trigger without a target), which then triggers the mana gain.
  3. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I like the concepts, but I'm honestly unsure that there's really a need for MORE mana regen skills.
  4. Blind Piper

    Blind Piper Member

    As an alternative to Cold Shoulder, what about something like this:

    High mana cost (Somewhere in the range of 20 base, to 10-15 minimum)
    Creates walls in each of the eight adjacent squares for roughly 30 turns, as Unliving Wall.

    EDIT: Added in alternate Cold Shoulder.
  5. Aristobulus

    Aristobulus Member

    I really like this concept, it has bugged me that there's no way to build around ice damage despite that it's in the game. I would suggest you change the tree around though so that you get some buffs to increase ice resistance. It's a little strange that you don't get any in the tree. I know it's currently bugged so that you can't add passive stat boosts, but just do what someone else did with their mod, and make it a low cooldown, 1 mana cost per 100 turn or something spell to provide the buff.
  6. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Actually, that was fixed today. :)
  7. Blind Piper

    Blind Piper Member

    The tree does already provide passive Hyperborean resistance, at the same rate as Promethean Magic. I simply forgot to include it in the descriptions.
  8. Knallis

    Knallis Member

    Passive boosts for mods work now? :D really?
  9. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Really. :)
  10. Officefanguy

    Officefanguy Member

    WOO! I don't know if you saw my longing for ice magic, but this looks very exciting! ::D
  11. getter77

    getter77 Member

    This sounds really nifty, but I have to be the one to say it seeing as how it is This Game: No Food/Drink Related "Cooking with Coolio" skill? Surely this must be destiny! :cool:

    Before anyone asks, yes, I will confess to first thinking this to be a class designed around summoning or becoming Coolio himself as some sort of summon when I saw it in the forum listing---I regret nothing.
  12. Blind Piper

    Blind Piper Member

    I named the skill tree after it was completed, at which point I realized I didn't have a pun for the school of magic. I was going for a slang derivitive of "cool," but I did recognize the connection to Coolio. I decided that including a skill tie-in would be too much dilution of the theme. Plus, I'm not too familiar with Coolio.

    If you have any input for a different name for the skill tree, I'm open to suggestions.
  13. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Frost Pimp?

    That might be a bit too distant of a connection (to 'hoarfrost') for most people, though. But it does have that 'too cool for school' vibe to it.

    BTW, I looked up Cooking with Coolio -- that sh!t's badass. :D
  14. getter77

    getter77 Member

    Heh, nah, it just struck me off the cuff for a laugh was all---it was a good choice versus just going with a vanilla Cryomancer or some such. I hope you keep tinkering with this and such as Dredmor stabilizes moreso with the next patches as it is nice to have some Icy-death to bring to bear.
  15. Arracor

    Arracor Member

    This has easily become my favorite Skill, however there is a single bug thar renders it unplayable for me and has cost me several hours' progress. >.< I've double-checked the bug and it's reproducable for me.

    The first 5 skills work fine, and are fun to boot (though the mana regen one confuses me). But, the final skill causes a fatal crash when I level up and choose it. The very moment I click it on the level-up screen, the game freezes and crashes. I really hope this gets fixed, I'm loath to play without my Cooliomancy after having a taste...
  16. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Are you on 1.09 (rev2)? that was a game bug that's fixed in this version.
  17. Blind Piper

    Blind Piper Member

    I think I found the cause of the crash. Sorry for the delay, Arracor, but I think it should work now.
  18. pumacatrun2

    pumacatrun2 Member

    For your problem with Icy Stare, you could add a cooldown so that it resets before the next usage.
  19. Blind Piper

    Blind Piper Member

    Update! Nerf to Something Literally Cool, as I became increasingly displeased with a skill so closely matching Promethean damage. Also, custom chilly sprites for Cold Shoulder!

    Edit, regarding Puma's comment: In practice, stacking the lockdown has been an interesting tactical addition which I enjoy. Multiple hits on a monster blocking a one-square wide hall gives you a chance to take a couple steps back and potion/close door/summon minion/etc.
  20. Awesome! Prom damage + great utility sounds like a bad thing, I wasn't sure whether things were that far or not.