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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Blind Piper, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Kazeto

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    Especially now that we actually have some code that looks ominous and stuff, and probably can cause harm if you look at it.
    I'm not scaring him away, Meat. I'm just weeding out the unworthy.

    Thus, congressional, you are considered in when you do something for the project. You can either wait for our requests to be put, or you can just take a look at the tracker and choose something that still isn't done to demonstrate your ability.
  2. Hotbread

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    Hello, I would like to join in on this as a coder, and such to prove myself I am going to create a skill tree.
    yes, there shall be lots and lots of puns and mispellings to avoid lawsuits.
    yes, Its a suprise,
    yes indeed.
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  3. Kazeto

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    Sure, go at it.
    If you want someone who is already in the project to take a look at your creation later (or if you want any help on the way to creating it), just send me a private message/conversation. Out of the old group of people involved with the project (the ones who organize it directly), only me, BP (Blind Piper), and RHM (Rarefied Horse Meat) remained, and I'm the easiest one to get a hold of on this forum.
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  4. Dray`Gon

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    Speaking of, Was wondering what happened to those two. Hadn't seem them post in a while. Busily churning away at the code I guess?
  5. Kazeto

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    Well, more graphics than code, but yeah.
  6. Frelus

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    Assuming you are still in need of ten fingers, I would like to join in here ;)
    So, I guess I will look around in the files and look what you have got so far, and what I can do, until I get a message back from you.
  7. Rhadamante

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    Since I started fiddling with graphics and specifically monster sprites, I offer my limited services. Right now I'm focusing on editing existing sprites rather than creating ones from scratch (that'll come if and when I get more confident in my skills) so if you have such needs I'm at your disposal.
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  8. Vitellozzo

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    So... nothing under the sun?
  9. Kazeto

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    Well, I do have quite some stuff that is not safe for human eyes, and no time to do anything with anything as it is now.

    And with how it all went, due to people not having time, I'm pretty much all that is left of it (well, sort of), mostly due to being stubborn and unwilling to admit that it went nowhere.
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  10. Vitellozzo

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    Welcome back, kazeto, long time no see!
    For the mod, I just hope that, after the 1.0 Clockwork Empires, the devs will return on this little gem of a game too to adjust something else and to let people regain faith into a perfect Dungeons of Dredmor game.
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  11. Kazeto

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    Thank you, though I was lurking around and reading things even if not everything (lack of time, lack of time ... ) so I wasn't exactly absent, just ... not visible.

    Anyhow, yeah, I hope so too. And I hope I'll have more time to do things (including giving visible results here) someday before the world ends, so there's that too.
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  12. OmniaNigrum

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    @Kazeto is always here. Insomnia is a real pain.
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