1.0D Colonist memories and journal include INSTANTIATION ERROR

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by KROB5492, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. KROB5492

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    Roster Pendle is having unauthorized thoughts and participating in religious activites that are not approved by The Empire.

    Some of the memories/journal entries involved in these activities state "RECEIVING INSTRUCTION/INSTANTIATION ERROR/QUERY ARCHITECT RETRY".

    Screenshot and save attached.

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  2. Sathra

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    Its meant to be like that. Its one of the clues you have about what kind of cult influence is present.
  3. Naffarin

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    Given that every other entry in histories.edb consists of a meaningful description with placeholders in capital letters i consider it highly unlikely that it is meant to be like that ;)
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  4. Sathra

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    Except that the memory name is also in all-caps. Considering the 'painting description' part about being a diagram for...something, I'm assuming its meant to be something like machine-code inject.

    Then there's a reference earlier in the file to the 'Idiot-Constructor'. A reference to an Azathoth analogue, and also making the Obeliskians seem more like divine machines.
  5. KROB5492

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    That's an interesting thought about the Obeliskians being "divine machines".

    It did seem, at least at the time, that it was definitely a case of a debug message (related to the memory not displaying properly) especially because the memory in the list extends beyond the right hand bound of the colonist window.