Clockwork Knights and Enemy Dodge Reduction

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    How do you guys deal with it? I have actually completed three winning runs with differing CW builds in the last few weeks, but every time I get to the lower dungeon levels I always run into the same thing. All of the CW gear carries some significant penalties to EDR. Every fight seems to turn into a click fest of me missing whatever I am swinging at followed by either taking a little damage or dodging an attack myself. It sort of turns into a slog fest.

    Somehow I keep playing CW builds so obviously this isn't killing the game for me, I'm just sort of curious how people are getting their EDR numbers up to acceptable levels while still getting decked out in that awesome CWK gear.
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    While I don't have any running builds using that skill, apart from the usual approaches of kronging or using other gear/skills to cover for the penalties, I'd suggest checking encrust recipes for EDR/nimbleness boosts. I vaguely recall at least one helm encrust that gives EDR; depending on what you have available, if you don't mind risking instability effects you could try applying them more than once.
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    What you should do is use the HUD helm encrust and the Joint Lubricant armor encrust. HUD will give +3 EDR per encrust, and Joint Lubricant will give +3 Nimbleness. HUD is a tinkering encrust, and Joint Lubrication is smithing. Other than those encrusts, I'm not really sure what you can do. Maybe get more Rogue skills so you get more Nimbleness when you level them? As long as you have more Warrior skills than Rogue or Wizard skills at the start, you'll get the leather cuirass, so that's pretty much all you need to keep in mind.
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