Clockwork Knights 2.5

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Ruigi, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. phasmy

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    Amazing work! I am going to try this out.
    One issue, though, You link to your mod only once and it is difficult to see the link. I actually clicked on all the megacraft ones first... Maybe you can make the download link more obvious for others. :)
  2. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    just fixed roomsdb, you should check out the new version.
  3. Austupaio

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    Got it and playing with it now, no problems. Thanks, Ruigi.
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    I cannot wait to try this mod out (after I make my way down to the full dungeons of the diggle god). Nice work on this and hope you keep it up without burning out XD.
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    Hey, Ruigi. Great mod you have here; plenty of the items you have here fill up the holes in the itemisation in the base game.

    However, if I may make a suggestion? I know items of level 11+ currently are bugged so they aren't spawning except in shops, but I would like to see some of your items in your current item lines (such as rogue-oriented gear) match the RoTDG gear, such as the hackaxe or savvarius so that when the devs do fix that bug, the CK item lines still fill in the gaps nicely.

    Thanks again for the great mod. The gauntlets are sweet.
  6. Ruigi

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    I used the RotDG artifacts as a ceiling for base damage values, but many of the weapons I added have secondary effects that are not readily apparent until you start using them. These effects can be very useful and match a an evil weapon in terms of usefulness and damge output.
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    What do these tags do anyways?

    <spell name="The Stars Aligned" type="template" templateID="100" anchored="1" icon="skills/spells/stars_aligned32.png" wand="1">
  8. Null

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    wand="1" doesn't seem to do anything, I'm going to guess beta had wands with completely random spells.
    anchored="1" means that you cannot center the template on anything but the player. For instance Psychokinetic Shove is not anchored, but Thibault's Trompement is.
  9. Onamar

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    Edit: Crap sorry this comment and that last one are in the wrong thread.
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    I just have to say, Clockwork Rail Launcher + Clockwork Drill Bombs is absolutely hilarious when there's several large piles of corpses between you and your target. Every single corpse in every stack becomes a source of an explosion, leading to like a solid 5 minutes of things blowing up. I wiped out a third of a monster zoo, and nearly killed myself because I was too close to one pile, with one shot.

    I can't seem to find a recipe for the Tinkerer's Goggles though, which is a shame, I've had the other materials for the Boilerplate Helm for three floors now.
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  14. Ruigi

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    Are you using windows?

    Try right clicking, select new-->folder

    Then name the folder.
  15. Essence

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    OK, no offense, Adam, but two things:
    1) Slow down. Take a breath. Collect your thoughts.
    2) Punctuation. Grammar. Spelling. Use them.

    It's nothing personal, but I literally have no idea what the hell you're trying to say.

  16. windows+steam=cant make mods folder=plz help!
  17. and my reading level is 1012
  18. Kazeto

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    We could help but there's no user named "plz" there, for all I know.
    And it doesn't matter if you have the game from Steam, creating "mods" folder is always the same - go into the directory you see in instructions, create new folder there, and name it "mods". An voilĂ , you have a mod folder.

    I don't even know what that is supposed to mean. And please at least reply in one post, instead of creating a waterfall - "edit" button is there for a reason.
  19. Essence

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    You can't MAKE the mods folder?

    OK, let's start at the beginning.

    1) Turn your computer on.
    2) Wait for Windows to load.
    3) Once Windows is loaded, go to the Start button, and click "Search".
    4) Click on "Search for Files or Folders"
    5) Into the Search window, click on "All Files or Folders", and type "Dungeons of Dredmor".
    6) When the (multiple) results appear, look for the FOLDER ICON that looks like this:

    DriveLetterHere://Documents and Settings/YourUserNamehere/My Documents/Gaslamp Games/

    7) Right-click on the FOLDER ICON, and go to "open".
    8) In that directory, if and only if there is no Mods folder, go to 9b.
    9a) If there is a Mods folder, you don't need to make one -- it already exists!
    9b) right-click and go to "New", and go to "Folder". Rename your new folder "mods". Now your Mods folder exists!

    If that didn't solve your problem, you're either using a really ancient version of Windows or you are completely incapable of communicating what it is that you want and you should probably try something a little less intellectually stressful than modding Dungeons of Dremor. Nothing personal, just calling it like I see it.
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  20. Nick Coelius

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    Installed your mod just now and am running it along side Megacrafts:

    Is the first skill of Clockwork Knight actually supposed to give you a visor? I only have a couple leather caps in my inventory at game start. Also, with Clockwork, Tinkering, Smithing, DW, Axes, Berserk, and Burglary I have 3 tinkering at the start of the game; shouldn't that just be 2?

    Can't wait to dig in, looks like fun beyond those two questions!